Privacy policy

(excerpt from the General Terms of Service)

1) The Organizers store certain personally identifying data on the users of the website (from here on referred to as Users) to enable their identification, to enable website features allowing easier and simpler navigation, registration and purchases, to enable communication between the Users, to enable communication between the Organizers and the Users, to prevent fraud and for statistics.

2) Access to personally identifying data is restricted to the personnel directly involved in organizing The Festival, the website programmers and the technical staff maintaining the servers. The Organizers will not disclose such data to third parties except for technical reasons to operate the website and it’s functions. Said personnel is prohibited to use the data outside the context of The Festival.

3) The Organizers will store User data concerning The Festival for not more than 5+1 years from the last use of the website or any of the services connected to The Festival by a User.

4) The Users may request to delete their personal information by requesting to delete their account on the administration page of The Festival website.

5) If the user connected his or her Facebook account and granted the permissions requested, the social functions deeply integrated into the website will make posts in the name of the User to social media services such as the Facebook Events of the Festival. The social media services used are an integral part of the experience and the function of the Festival website. These services can be separately controlled through Facebook by granting or revoking permissions to the Danubiando Budapest Tango Festival application, otherwise they are part of the basic registration to events and the functions allowing registration without a partner. The visibility of the activity of Danubiando website users on Facebook can be controlled via Facebook’s privacy settings.

6) The Users may modify their personal data stored by the Organizers directly by modifying their Facebook Profile data or if no Facebook Profile was used during website log-on, by directly modifying the data on The Festival website. The fields that these methods do not allow to modify can be modified only by creating a new profile and deleting the old one.

7) Any manipulation of the data entered by the Users may be limited during server maintenance and the time immediately preceding, during and immediately after The Festival to allow the Organizers to keep the integrity of the data offline.

8) The servers of The Festival are kept in the United Kingdom and are operated by

Rackspace Ltd. (Company # 03897010)

5 Millington Road,

Hyde Park Hayes,

Middlesex, UB3 4AZ

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8734 2700

9) In case of dispute concerning data privacy the Users may file a complaint at the Data Protection Commissioner of Hungary (Adatvédelmi Biztos) or file a lawsuit at a civil court. Information concerning complaints and the rights concerning data security can be found in the 1992/LXIII Law on The Protection of Personal Information and the Accessibility of Public Information (Személyes adatok védelméről és a közérdekű adatok nyilvánosságáról szóló 1992. évi LXIII. törvény). This policy is based on the requirements stipulated in the 1992/LXIII Law on The Protection of Personal Information and the Accessibility of Public Information and the 1998/VI Law on the Protection of Individuals During the Automatic Processing of Personal Data (1998. évi VI. számú az egyének védelméről a személyes adatok gépi feldolgozása során).