Okay.  Check this out.  I swear it’s really, REALLY good.  Also don’t read past this unless you want to develop for it because you’re gonna spoil EVERYTHING for you.

The events of this game take place right after the royal wedding.

In some other timeline (unless the season 3 opener is exactly like this), the events of the royal wedding cause a great amount of chaos in equestria, awakening Discord once more.  He has learned from the mistakes he made the last time, leaving the elements of harmony in an easy to find place such as Twilight’s home and whatnot, and decides to plan out his master plan more carefully this time around.  He once again steals the elements of Harmony, and tries to destroy them.  He finds this is not so easily done, so he decides to spread them across the land outside of equestria.  On his way to spread the elements out, he meets Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling army.  There they form an alliance and hatch a plan to make sure Twilight and her friends get what they deserve for thwarting both of their plans.  Together they spread the elements to a unique country outside of equestria.  The changelings shape-shift into monsters for each of the lands, and prepare in case the mane 6 come to try to retrieve the element they guard.

The next day, ponies start waking up in Ponyville, and are greeted by Discords.  Discord kidnap Princess Celestia in her weakened state after being defeated by Chrysalis.  Twilight and her friends go to the castle to seek her guidance, but only find a letter telling them to check the vault where the elements are stored.  They find it empty and panic.

Other than this, I’m burnt out of ideas.  You, (the dev team) can come up with more plot points, such as how they know where to look, when you make the game.

I want the gameplay to resemble Final Fantasy V and Pokémon Yellow (turn based, each of the main 6 has their own attacks and character specific abilities).  I would like it to more closely resemble Final Fantasy V, though.

Also, I would like to be able to play this on my Game Boy Color.  This is not a must, but it would be nice if you could use an emulator and send me a cartridge with the finished product on it.  I currently have no games for it, and I think this would be a GREAT first one.

My email is !a._A.f#s$gvj*w&js, if you want to contact me about anything.

P.S.  I can’t contribute anything to this except what I already have and MAYBE a few sprites.



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