at CAC Beardsley Community Farm

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are excited that you are considering enrolling your 5th, 6th, or 7th grade student in the Urban Land Scouts Camp. Below you will find information about the camp. Please keep this page for future reference. If, after reading about the camp you and your child feel it would be a great way spend a week of her/his summer vacation, please thoroughly complete the attached application and return it no later than July 11th to:

Urban Land Scout Camp

P.O. Box 2561

Knoxville, TN 37901-2561

You may also drop off the application in person at:

Beardsley Farm

1719 Reynolds Street

Knoxville, TN 37921

between 8:30 - 12:00, Monday through Friday.

Please do not complete the application without first reading through this information.

What is Urban Land Scouts?

ULS is a group open to all people, young and old, who wish to become better stewards of the land where they live. Like other scouting organizations, ULS has different levels that participants complete in order to earn badges. In ULS camp, campers will complete five levels:

Level 1: Observing the Natural World

The Urban Land Scout looks at the land daily; she/he is observant of and attentive to it.

Activities for this level include touring the farm, observing plants, taking notes, and collecting samples.

Level 2: Mapping

The Urban Land Scout tries to identify and use the plants in her/his neighborhood.

For this level, scouts will draw maps of their home/neighborhood and they will map a plot of land at the farm.

Level 3: Seed Bombs

The Urban Land Scout seeks to cultivate native or edible plants in whatever soil she/he can access and tend.

Activities for this level include making seed "bombs," walking the neighborhood with an eye towards coming up with ideas for beautification, and making planters.

Level 4: Eating Wild

The Urban Land Scout is fed by the land where she/he lives.

This level involves touring the farm with a knowledgeable guide who will point out and discuss wild edibles. Campers will also harvest, prepare, and sample wild edibles.

Level 5: Cultivating

The Urban Land Scout makes an effort to grow vegetables.

Scouts will plant seeds to take home and help harvest at the farm.

The Urban Land Scout Pledge

I will to the best of my ability

be a good steward of the urban land where I live

by cultivating native and edible plants; promoting species

diversity; sharing the fruits of my labor and knowledge;

and propagating urban land scouting in barren areas.

For more about Urban Land Scouts, please visit:


What else do you need to know before completing the application?

First and foremost, your child should have an interest in plants, nature and/or gardening! She/he must be comfortable being outside, getting dirty and sweaty, and being around chickens and worms and bees and bugs. The camp is at a farm! Indoor time will be very limited, and when we are indoors, we will be in the barn or greenhouse, not an air conditioned room with comfy chairs.

The "essays" you and your child write on the application are important. We will not consider an application unless both you and your child have written one.

Breakfast, snack, and lunch are provided every day at no additional cost.

If you have questions, you may contact Katie Ries @ 235-1730.




Applications are due no later than July 11th

Parent/guardian name                                                                 

Daytime phone number                                                        

Child's name                                                                        

Street address                                                                        

City and zip code                                                                

Please circle the session in which you want to enroll your child. If your child is accepted but we are unable to give you your first choice, we will contact you about the possibility of attending a different session. Camp will run from Monday to Friday of each session, from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm. We will serve breakfast, snack, and lunch every day.

This camp is free but in order to be considered for enrollment, both you and your child need to explain why you're interested in the camp. You should write about how you think the camp will benefit your child. Your child should write about why she/he wants to attend the camp. Please use the space below and on the back if necessary.

Parent's/guardian's essay

Parent/Guardian Essay continued


Child's essay