Arnold, Lili

Design Specification

A=it has to be eye catching, and look like a nice thing to have.

C= it has to cost less than £5

C= it has to be appealing to girls ages 11 to 15

E= it will be used somewhere where girls like to hang out in there house like their bedroom. it will be eco friendly by using as much stuff they can reuse

S= it will have to be safe by having a stand so it won't fall over. and there will have to be round edges  so if it was to fall over it would not hurt anyone.

S=it has to be a little smaller than A4 as the design i would like has to be small but not too small.

F= it has to tell the time properly to to go to fast or too small.

M= it will be made from wood and other materials so that will stay strong and not brake


Design Specification

A it needs to look good and appling to my crowd and suitiable to all ages

C i want it to cost 15 to 20 so it can be posh

C i want all ages to buy it one for little and big and teenagers all of them

E it needs to be eco evirment and somithing wich would not harm anyone or animals

M - Materials (meaning what materials would you need to make it)

Cichon, Jakub

Clarkson, Rhys

Design Specification

1 i want my clock to look cool and to look like some thing to to with a game

2 the cost is £3

3 people the age over 20

4 it is going to have batteries aa/aaa in the back

5 it is going to be safe for a young kid and adults

6 it is going to be as big as a shoe size 10

7 it is going to tell the correct time and look good

8 i'm going to use plastic for my clock

Courtney, Hal

Design Specification

  1. The clock face has got to be a Man city football logo because I support that team.

  2.   Price of the clock should not be more than £4.50.
  3. The customer of the clock for the Man city supporters.
  4.  It will be used in bedrooms. It will be eco-friendly because I will use recycled materials.
  5. I will sand down all of the sharp edges.
  6. The size will be no bigger than a A5 paper. (20cm)
  7.   To tell the time proper.
  8.   PVC plastic, paper logo and glue.

Curtis, Jasmine

Design Specification

Donovan, Libby

Design Specification

The clock needs to look good because if it looks boring people won’t want to buy it. The clock needs to look different to other normal clocks and it needs to look unique. The clock should be less than £5. It’s good to have a target audience for the product such as an age you want to sell the product to or if it’s for a boy of girl. Or if you want you could just sell the product for everyone. My target audience is going to be for everyone both boys and girls and all ages. The clock needs to be safe and it doesn’t fall of the wall and hit somebody on the head and smash. The size of the clock needs to be no bigger than half of an A4 piece of paper (A5). The clock doesn’t just have to look good it also has to do its job and tell the right time accurately. The hands have to work right and go around clockwise and not stopping. The materials we could use are either wood or plastic and the clock face which is glass.1. I think the most important is that the clock needs to work. 2. The clock needs to look good. 3. The time has to be accurate. The clock will need batteries for the clock hands to go around. The clock could have a theme and my clock is going to be a marmite clock, it’s going to be shaped like the marmite jar and in the middle will be a clock face. It’s going to have the colours of the original marmite jar. If it costs too much it will put customers off buying it but you still have to make a profit so it should be around £3-£5. It must not have too much weight because then it will fall so it needs to be light. Finally it must not take too much money to make the clock. The clock needs to be indoors on the wall.

Fairhurst, Jack

Design Specification

1. My clock must tell the time accurately, work and have the numbers in the right place I can measure this by timing the clock hands.

2. My clock must be safe for all ages to use.

3. My clock must not be any bigger than a sheet of A5 paper i could measure my clock with a ruler.

4. My clock must be under £5.00 i could measure this by adding up how much i have used.

5. My clock must be able to fasten to the wall safely.

6. My clock must be made of pine, plastic and it must run on a AA or AAA battery.

7. My clock must not be too heavy incase it falls of the wall i could measure this by weighing it.

8. My clock must be stylish and look original.

9. My clock must appeal to the customer with an  age group of 10-15 year olds.


Gibson, Jordan

Design Specification

Gray, Rachel

Design Specification

My clock has to be  unpresumptuous and be appealing so it can attract people’s attention. The cost of my clock has to be in a reasonable price range, so I would say it would have to cost approximately £4-5. The person who would be interested in buying

Hail, Nadia

Design Specification

1.I want it to be 15 – 20 cm (no bigger).

2.No spikes on it so no children or anyone hurts themselves. To make it safe i would 6.I would like a clock that is colourful and attractive with clear hands.have nice rounded edges.

3.I would use wood because its recyclable and very eco-friendly.

4.I would like it less than £4.50.

5.I hope it would appeal to the ages for 10 - 14.

6.I would like a clock that is colourful and attractive with clear hands.

 Must have accurate time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Heaven, Laura

Design Specification

A-It will be light purple and have my favourite music written all over it and in the shape of a star, but triangles will be stuck together to make it. The numbers will be around the edge, in between the words

C-It will be about £5-£10

C-The customer would be me

E-The environment would be my bedroom

S-It would have pointed edges, so it wouldn’t be safe for children under 8 years old

S-The size would be about 20cm

F-The function would be to tell the time.

M- The materials would be large pieces of wood, and thin black sticks for the clock hands.

Hughes, Isobel

Design Specification clock needs a strong structure also needs good handles

3.i want it to be a reasonable size so the A5 or less needs to look good

5.the clock will need batteries,so it works

6.i need to make a clock that is safe and won't fall on people and hasn't got sharp edges must be modern and not boring needs to be a strong material        

A-my clock needs to be modern&cool

C-my clock would be no more than £3

C-i dont know

E-it is used to tell the time on a wall somewhere

S-ill make mine very safe so it will not fall of the wall or it won't be sharp in any way!

S-mine will be no bigger than an A5 piece of paper

F-my clock will tell the time

M-mine will be made of a sturdy material so it doesn't fall apart or brake.


Ivens, Stephanie

Design Specification

Larcombe, Abigail

Design Specification


1- The customer will have a say as in how it will look or turn out. The customers would be people in the age range of about 11-15 or higher if they’re chocoholics. There taste would obviously be..well chocolate of course!!

2- Job- tell the time? have all the numbers in the correct time...batteries work well etc etc.

3-  I guess its kinda eco friendly... i’ll use fairtrade smarties:)..and leftover wood.

4-  It will be safe...there’s no harm in smarties! ill sand around the area of the wood so there will be no splinters!! maybe varnish...give it a coat or two:)

5- Price range (depends how good it comes out) £4 - 7 :) well depends on how much all the materials cost and all that good stuff:)

6- Not that big.. A5 size will be the biggest i think.

7- It has to look like a pile of smarties...smarties on the wood, smarties on the background smarties FOR EVERYTHING.

8- wood,smarties and some metal.

McQuade, Liam

Design Specification

Nail, Jack

Design Specification

I want it to be a game style clock that looks awesome.

I want it to be game styled because i’m always on my computer :)

I’m not sure about the price but whatever the cost I will be willing to make it even if it cost 20 pounds but no more i will still make it because I need a clock

Well if I have more than 1 clock then I would sell it as long as i make a profit from it.

I’m not sure how to make it eco friendly.

I’ve never known clocks to be dangerous so i wouldn't really know how to make it safe besides making sure everything is covered

I’m planning to make it quite big because if its small then I might aswell have a watch.

Well if there’s a function then I would obviously want it to work right and not be too slow or too fast.

I would like to use game styled stuff like of a game i'm on around 5 hours a day which is garry’s mod and i've played that altogether about 101 hours in total on one server.

Powell, Jack

Design Specification

I want my clock to look nice with a good theme i'll measure this by my opinion and other opinion

i don’t my clock to be more than a £5 i will measure this by counting the costs

people will buy it it will be people who like music and guitars

 has to be eco friendly i will measure this by seeing if it suits its environment

its got to be safe ill measure this by not making sharp edges

its got to be half a size of A4 i'll measure it by measuring half an A4 and compare to the clock

its got to tell the time, i will measure this by setting the time and come back the next day and see if its the right time

its gotta be strong so i'll use some pine and plastic and maybe other materials


Ramon, Gabriel

Design Specification

1.I also want my clock to look cool like a futuristic one So that a lot of people want the future generation and they can buy the clock they want for a good price.I want my customers to be

not just wanting my clocks but to be interested with it like there interested with the future .

2.My clock is going to be more than £2 because all the money you wasted to create the clock will be useless if you get less so if its more it adds to what you have.Before and it’s going to be unfair if you don’t get the higher price than what you used too you will just get the same thing

3.I also think the suitable age for my clock is about 12.14 or more because most of the people above that age doesn't  they are mostly just getting clocks to tell the time .4.also want mine to be eco friendly because i don’t want to hurt the environment and some people don't like it when that happens 5.also my clock is going to be safety so it won't harm anyone and there would be no complains 6.The size is going to be normal so not too big or too small it turns like future and you can see it easily.7.The materials are going to be made out of hard metal so if it falls it won't break so easily and there be no  complain.


Steer, Callum

Design Specification

A. want my clock to look cool and 3d it will be very colourful and i will have a design on it aswell as it being very stylish

B. want the cost of it to be about 2.50 or maybe a  little bit less will be for about a 12 to 16 year old because i will do a design like something that suits it

 E. it will be eco friendly because i will use stuff that maybe is left  over

Sutton, Jake

Design Specification


i want my clock to look like a games controller because i like the shape of a games controller. the price i want my clock to be about 3 to 5£

Szeto, Robert

Design Specification

1. My clock must be able to tell the time accurately by having all numbers being the same angle and distance away from adjacent numbers, I can measure this with a ruler and protractor.

2. My clock must be strong and safe so it will last long, it won’t be a hazard and can be used  by everyone. I can measure this by checking it after I finish it.

3. My clock must not be too heavy or it will fall off the wall. I can measure this by weighing it.

4. My clock must use one AA/AAA battery to power it. I can measure this by putting a battery in and seeing if the clock works.

5. My clock must be no bigger than an A5 piece of paper, I can measure this with a ruler.

6. My clock must be made of the correct strong materials. I can measure this by seeing what materials I used and if it is strong enough.

7. My clock must clock must cost no more than £5. I can easily measure this by seeing how much money I used.

8. My clock must be suitable for me (the consumer). It would be suitable for me if it was designed for a 12-18 age group and if it wasn’t overly flashy and loud. I can measure this by seeing if I like it and if it fulfills the the requirements above.

Vodehnalova, Klara

Design Specification

my clock must cost less than £5.00

My clock must be stable, and safe not fall on someone's head.

It must be lightweight

Most important of all, it has to tell the time


Williams, Danielle

Design Specification

it must be emo and people aged 12-25 must like it.