Motherhood qualified me to let the child within come out and play. “

“Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing. “

Welcome to week two of challenges...from the quote above you should have a good idea what our focus this week will! Also, that a family, like any relationship involves time and work! So this week, we’re going to spend lots of time...playing! Again if you find yourself slipping up on a challenge, find a challenge you just don’t want to do, or can’t remember the challenge, just simply remember the focus of the week and try to go about your day with it in mind! Also, remember to check in with a comment on the blog when possible, as this counts as your entries for prizes! Thanks everyone & have a great week!

Saturday, June 9th:

Today you are challenge free! Just make sure to get the supplies (sometime this weekend) for preparing your child’s favorite meal that you asked them about yesterday! Also! We’re going to do a craft day this week if you need any supplies for that make sure to get those as well! Again, you can get as “into” craft day as you’d like, buy something new or just use the crayons you have at home...up to you!

Sunday, June 10th:

Tonight make time to fit in a nice Sunday night dinner! Many of us probably do this anyway, but this week I want to make sure that we include the children in the dinner. The dinner is THEIR choice from Friday and let them help make it as well! Cooking is one of Ava’s favorite ways to spend time with us and we have a lot of fun with it! It can also be fun to discuss with them the names of everything, where it comes from, etc! Have fun!

Monday, June 11th:

Well, now that you did your grocery shopping over the weekend, it is time to “play” grocery store with your kiddos! This was one of my favorite things to do as a child and honestly, I remember it more vividly than anything else I played! Here’s what my mom used to do. Let your kids raid the pantry! Yep, this is something we would not normally do, but, if we were playing grocery store it was okay. We would pull out the canned goods, boxes of pasta, cereal, etc., lay it all out on a table, couch, ANYTHING and that was our grocery store. We would then use the plastic grocery bags she saved for the cashier to pack them into. We loved it so much that we did have a pretend cash register and shopping cart but of course those are extras that you don’t need! I am seriously giddy at the thought of letting the girls do this for the first time! I hope all your kids love it as much as I used to! And don’t forget to play along too!

Tuesday, June 12th: 

Craft day! Today take some time to do crafts with your children! Again this can be as simple as coloring in a coloring book with your children or maybe look up a new craft idea that you can try out together! If you have any ideas to share feel free to do so in a comment! I always love reading all your ideas!!!

Wednesday, June 13th:

This was highly requested! A yes day! We all probably hear our voice echoing throughout the day saying “no” , but today...we are going to say yes! Let’s have some fun with this! “Today is a "yes day," a day in which I consciously choose to say yes to my child, to honor his spirit, his desires, his choices. Today there is no, "We need to…", "Time to go…", or "One more minute...", and (practically) anything goes.” I can’t wait to hear about the kind of days we all have today! Don’t forget to share your thoughts in a comment on the blog!

Thursday, June 14th:

No couch today. This is where you all will probably start thinking I’m crazy, lol. But just give it a try! It’s fun to get down on their level and play! Go about your day as normal, but if you want to sit, sit on the floor, a pillow on the floor, lay out on a blanket on the floor, however you want, but not on the couch! You will see how much more your children will approach you when you are down at their level, almost like you are making yourself more available to them. They will probably think it’s some great new game and be excited about laying on the blanket with you. Have fun with it, make a fort, etc! Just see if it makes any difference for you and report make on the blog in a comment on how your children reacted to it.

Friday, June 15th:

I am going to imagine that the past couple of days might have been a little out of the ordinary, no saying no, and no time on the couch. Was it rough? What’d you think? Share your thoughts on this! We have completed another week of challenges and everyone is doing a great job! In honor of that, tonight we’re doing family date night! Again, get as into this as you’d like. Order some pizza in, go out for a nice dinner, whatever you would like! Treat yourselves and to a fun meal and spend some time talking about the week that you had! Talk to you all soon!