MSAD #51 Mission

The mission of MSAD #51 is to guide all students as they acquire enthusiasm for learning, assume responsibility for their education, achieve academic excellence, and discover and attain their personal best.

To accomplish this mission, the MSAD #51 community will collaborate to:

Core Value Belief Statements

1.     We believe in an educational culture that focuses on students and their sustained learning.

2) We believe students will be motivated to pursue life-long learning in an environment that encourages creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking.

3) We believe the ability to adapt and respond to change is essential.

4.    We believe in promoting a safe, caring and ethical learning environment.      

5) We believe quality education is an investment in our students, our staff, and our communities.

6.    We believe all staff members play an integral part in the education of our students.        

7.    We believe students, staff, families, and community members have a personal and collective responsibility in the educational process.