To: Fry’s Spring Neighbors

From: Brian Haluska, AICP, Neighborhood Planner

Date: 9/5/08

RE: Neighborhood Issues/Development Update

Fry’s Spring

  1. Fontaine Research Park Rezoning – The University of Virginia Real Estate Foundation has submitted an application to the County Board of Supervisors to rezone the Fontaine Research Park to allow an approximate doubling of the density of the Research Park. This action is consistent with discussions that occurred during the preparation of the Area B Study. The concept plan submitted with the rezoning does not show the proposed Fontaine/Sunset Connector going all the way through University property. However, Mr. Sandridge has written the Mayor and indicated that the University is committed to building the connector from Fontaine to their property line that adjoins the Granger Property. At this point they only show the road as necessary to service the development, but he is committed to build an additional road to extend to the property line when the project moves forward. They have not proffered to assist with the bridge over the railroad or Moore’s Creek at this time. At the PACC Tech meeting on 1/30, the proposed intersection with Interstate 64 was rejected. No change.

  1. Center/Hill Development – A rezoning request for a Planned Unit Development for the Center/Hill property has been submitted. The development now shows 13 single family homes – two fronting on Hill Street and 10 fronting on an extension of Center Street. The plan was deferred by the applicant at the April 8, 2008 Planning Commission meeting. No change.

  1. Old Lynchburg Road – The meeting held on September 19th to again meet the team and begin discussing the needs and concerns about Old Lynchburg Road was well attended. This was the first opportunity for adjacent property owners and neighborhood residents to talk about specific issues with the design team. Two concepts have been developed for the area and they are currently under City review. The City held another citizen informational meeting on Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at the Cherry Avenue Christian Church to present the two concepts for additional input. Staff will compile the information gathered from all citizen/stakeholder surveys and interviews to be incorporated into a single design. The design for the improvements is tentatively scheduled to be presented to City Council for public hearing in the fall. Staff is currently working to resolve a conflict with the Fry’s Spring Beach Club property. This conflict has caused some delay, as the area near the Beach Club is re-designed.

  1. JPA Bridge – There was a rescoping meeting held last month with all of the VDOT design team and City staff and a subsequent meeting with the neighborhood. At this meeting, details were emphasized to VDOT to achieve the neighborhood concerns. VDOT is currently working on the redesign. Staff presented an update on the bridge design for the City Council Meeting on 9/2/08 and City Council passed a resolution supporting the redesigned bridge width of 67 feet (reduced from the originally proposed 78 feet).  VDOT will continue work on the supplemental design details suggested by FSNA and the City will continue to communicate with the neighborhood as the design progresses.  Advertisement date remains Nov 2009 with construction scheduled to begin early 2010.

  1. Huntley PUD – Jim Tolbert met with the Beyers about the application for amendment to the Huntley Planned Unit Development, along with two members of the Planning Commission. At this meeting, staff was advised by the Beyers that they no longer desire to pursue a rezoning, but instead intend to develop according to the already approved plan on this section of the site. Because they already have an approved site plan, that is their prerogative. We have emphasized to the developer that he needs to quickly submit his reforestation plan so that it can be approved and trees planted during this planting season. We have also suggested to them that the undersized street trees can be replaced without waiting on approval of the reforestation plan. The owners went to the Planning Commission on November 13th to ask approval to plant fifty 2-inch caliper trees rather than the forty 4-inch caliper trees previously agreed to. The Planning Commission approved a substitution of 60 2-inch caliper trees for the 40 4-inch caliper trees. Staff has received an amended planting plan for the Huntley property, and has provided the owners with comments regarding the plan. No change.

  1. Old Lynchburg Road Apartment Complex – The County of Albemarle has received an application for development of a 24 acre parcel of land on the City/County line. The application calls for 308 dwelling units with parking, and swimming pool and other recreational facilities. Based on the County staff report for the discussion on January 15th, the applicant and county staff disagree on several issues, including whether the scheme proposed is by-right. The discussion at the work session indicated that the County would only be supportive of the units built on non-critical slope areas, which would reduce the number of units to around 100. The County also raised questions on the location of the entrance to the property. At this time, the only proposal to have been submitted was requesting preliminary comments. No formal application has been submitted to the County. No change.

  1. Zoning Changes: I will be presented information regarding the proposed zoning changes at the neighborhood meeting on December 12th. Staff is waiting on a statement from the association regarding which possible zoning changes they support before moving the item forward. No change.

  1. Traffic Calming:

All traffic calming projects have been completed.

  1. Avon Center: This is a 43 acre commercial development in the County of Albemarle, just south of the Ridge Street neighborhood. The development would connect Fifth Street Extended to Avon Street. City staff has met with the developers to talk over the concerns the City has regarding the project, specifically regarding the traffic impact on 5th Street. This development would have an outlet to 5th street Extended via Bent Creek Road. City staff has reviewed the traffic dispersal pattern for the project and agrees with the conclusion that the peak hour traffic figures on Harris Road will not be impacted by Avon Center. Staff has discussed the requirements for improvement at the intersection of Bent Creek and Fifth Street with the developers of the property. The developer is working to acquire additional right-of-way for Bent Creek Road. No change.

  1. 110 Raymond Avenue: The Zoning Administrator for the City has revoked the Certificate of Occupancy for 110 Raymond Avenue pending an inspection of the interior of the structure, as well as the owner’s completion of the off-street parking surface. The Certificate of Occupancy has been reinstated on the property after the owner received a letter form the Zoning Administrator clearly stating that the property must be owner occupied to rent the accessory unit. The Zoning staff has addressed the violations at the property this past month, and is continuing to monitor the property for future violations. No change.

  1. Fry’s Spring Service Station: An application to rezone the Service Station from R-3 to NCC has been filed and was considered by the Planning Commission on July 22nd. The Commission unanimously recommended the rezoning be approved. The application will be presented to City Council for a first reading on August 18th.