Progressive Era Video Project

Essential Question: Who were the beneficiaries and victims of progress in the Progressive Era (1877-1914)?

Your task: Your task is to create a short (3-5 minute) video about person or group of people who either benefited or suffered during the Progressive Era. You could create a biography of a person like Andrew Carnegie, you could tell the story of an immigrant and or his family, you could create a short documentary about treatment of Native Americans, or just about any other topic of interest to you that you can relate to the essential question.

Tools for Creating Your Video

JayCut - - This is where you will compile all of your media and create the video.

Myna Voice Recorder - - This where you can record your voice and blend it with music or other sounds. (Your netbook also has a voice recording tool that you can use).

Sound Bible - - This is a collection of free music and sound clips that you can use.

Google Advanced Image Search - select images that are labeled for re-use.

Basic Requirements

- Your video should be 3 to 5 minutes in length.

- You must write a script and show it to me before you begin creating your video.

- You need to cite the sources of your information. You must consult at least two primary sources.

- You need to cite the source of all audio, video, and images used in your video. (Roll credits at the end)


        -Storyline development

            *Does the script accurately and concisely convey the story?


            *Dates, names, places

            *Spelling of text appearing on screen.


            *Source of images, videos, audio, quotes (text appearing on screen and or quotes read by narrator)

        -Audience assessment

            *Was it engaging?

            *Was the main point/ theme clear?

        *Is the audience able to correctly respond to the questions you distributed before the viewing?