IB Stem Cell Investigation


Stem cells have a significant potential to change and improve the medical profession by saving and improving lives. As there are numerous potential uses of stem cells, your task is to outline a use of stem cells to treat Stargardt’s disease and one other named condition in a creative product.  

IB Standards to include & explain in your product:

Product Options:

Products will be shared, presented, and posted to class Google Classroom.  Sources for your product must be credible and need to be cited.  Citations for your information need to be included in your product as a slide or portion of the video.

Resources: Just a few to get you started, there are lots of resources out there

Turn-In Instructions:

  1. Ensure all group member names are on the project.

  1. Collect the link to whatever it is that you create (ask if you are not sure how to do this).

  1. In Google classroom, click on the assignment, click add, and insert a copy of your link; see the image below.  

  1. One person for each group should turn in the group’s work; everyone else should mark the assignment as completed in Google Classroom.

  1. Create a post in Google Classroom with the link of your project.


Lab Standard: Communication



Nearly Meets


A full explanation of the lab standard rubric can be found here