Banana Split Ice Cream Torte


15 whole Oreo cookies

3 tbsp. melted butter

3-4 ripe bananas, sliced ½-inch thick

1 pint strawberry ice cream, softened slightly

1 cup hot fudge sauce, warmed

1 pint vanilla ice cream, softened slightly

10 oz. frozen sweetened strawberries, thawed and drained

Whipped cream, for garnish

Chopped walnuts, for garnish

Maraschino cherries, for garnish

Chopped or crushed pineapple, for serving


Line the bottom of an 8-inch springform pan with wax or parchment paper.  Place the Oreos in the bowl of a food processor and pulse until very finely ground.  Add the melted butter to the bowl with the cookie crumbs and pulse until evenly moistened.  Pour the crumbs into the bottom of the springform pan and press down firmly in an even layer to cover the bottom (not the sides) of the pan.  Lay the slices of banana over the cookie crust, fitting as many as you can into a single layer.  Add the strawberry ice cream to the pan and smooth in an even layer over the banana slices.  Cover and transfer to the freezer to chill until the ice cream is very firm.

Spread the hot fudge sauce over the strawberry ice cream and smooth with a spatula.  Return to the freezer until the fudge layer is firm, about 30 minutes.  Once the fudge layer is firm, spread the vanilla ice cream in an even layer over the top.  Cover and return to the freezer until the ice cream is very firm.

When you are ready to serve the torte, soak a towel in very warm water and squeeze out all the excess water.  Wrap the towel around the sides of the springform pan for about 30 seconds to help loosen them from the torte.  Carefully remove the sides of the pan.  Top with the thawed strawberries.  Garnish as desired with whipped cream, chopped walnuts, and maraschino cherries.  Slice and serve with crushed pineapple.

Printed from Annie’s Eats