8/11 Half-day teacher in-service to introduce and brainstorm ideas regarding BYOT

8/16-19 Various activities to share ideas regarding BYOT were presented (QR scavenger hunt, text now examples, Teachertube videos)

8/30 Teachers are given a spreadsheet listing 1 student who does not have permission to access the internet and 11 students who may not display work on the internet as presented on our green registration cards.

8/30-9/2 All students take an on-line BYOT survey through LA

9/7 BYOT Survey results, timeline, and troubleshooting hand-out are presented to all departments

9/7 BYOT permission slips are sent home to all students (BYOT slips are also referenced in the campus weekly newsletter for parents and a call out asks parents to return the slips). Slips are to be returned to math teachers and will all be alphabetized by grade level and housed with the CTIS.

9/12 There is a BYOT help desk set up for parents at DPJH Open House. Parents are encouraged to ask questions.

9/13 Administrators meet with grade level groups of students to discuss the expectations for BYOT

9/19 Teachers are given a spreadsheet listing any student who does not have permission to participate in BYOT. Those who do have permission may begin using devices in class as appropriate to the lesson.