Bronyville Episode 067 - Friendship Needs Purples PLZ

Time : Saturday August 11th, Noon PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 67 recorded on August 11th, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider


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Books! [fanfic suggestions]

Topic Time! - Double Rainboom - A Fan Animated Episode!?


Dear Apple Cider and Chef Sandy,

After a long break from MMO's, I'm finally looking forward to one again.  Guild Wars 2!  I thought that I had heard Chef mention on the show that he was looking forward to it as well, and was wondering if either or both of you could recommend a Pony guild to jump into on headstart day.  I looked at Equestria Gaming already, but their list is pretty sparse.  I'm a working adult, so I would have limited playtime.  But I love helping others and joking around in guild chat.  Thanks in advance.

As a side comment, I have been in the Furry Fandom since the early 90's, back when it was a subset of the Sci-Fi Fandom and most of the furries were either artificial intelligence, cartoons, or werewolves.  Oh how times change!  It has fascinated me to watch the Pony Fandom grow and change over the last year or so.  Pony has faced many of the same scandals, challenges, and growing pains that Furry did, just on a much faster time scale.  Whether from experience or some inherent difference in the community, I think that the Pony Fandom has handled these challenges more smoothly than the Furry Fandom did.  Hats off to all the Ponies for their cool heads and mature behavior.  I hope that we Furries take note and learn from your example.

Speaking of ponies:

Twilight is the best pony for me to identify with.

Rarity is the best pony for me to aspire to.

The Best Night Ever is the best episode ever.

Thank you guys for putting on such an entertaining and informative show each week,

Chris in Knoxville, TN

P. S. I am so relieved to hear Chef Sandy back on the show regularly again.  I was concerned and wished you well when I heard that your family was going through a rough patch.  I can only assume that your renewed presence indicates that things have resolved themselves.  While Chef and Cider are each fun individually, there is nothing like the treat that is hearing both of you bouncing off each other.  Here's wishing you both smooth sailing for many years to come.  :)

Dear Chef Sandy (sorry apple cider your still number one host though),

i was listening to one of Sci's songs specifically Vinyl Scratch finds a fight off the album Vinyl Scratch will kick your ass. In the opening i swear I heard your voice say "Shes just a DJ unicorn by sci and chain algorithm". was this you?

Dear Able Sider and Jeff Sandy,

have you seen this children of the night thing if not link dooblydoo is here but what fanprojects besides fighting is magic and double rainboom do you want to see more of?

thanks for listening you guys are awesome !


Diamond Charmer

P.S: all pony is best pony but i must say woona out ranks fluttershy in cuteness what do you think?

Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, Starry Night, and any guests,

I love your show and have listened to all of your podcasts.  I have been a brony for a little over a year now have always been looking forward to your podcasts every Wednesday since I started listening to them.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to listen to the livestream recently because of computer issues but I love your podcast just as much as I did when I started listening.  There really has been a lot of drama recently with the 13 episode freak out, the fighting is magic leak, and apparently a few prominent musicians such as Alex S. left the fandom.  Now I didn't freak out at all about the 13 episode confirmation for the same reasons that you guys talked about last episode.  I was saddened by the leak of Fighting is Magic and don't want to play the leak because I want to play it when it is meant to be played, at its eventual release.  I don't know too much about what happened with the musicians but because I'm not a huge music person I probably wouldn't freak out too much even if I knew more.  I feel like a distinct minority in the fandom sometimes because of my disinterest in a lot of music that the fandom makes and really music is general.  Now I do not hate music, I just tend to prefer the actual music in the show and instrumental fan music which  

I feel this was for various reasons and wanted to know your thoughts on the musical side of the fandom.  First of all I went to Bronycon and had an absolute blast but on the first day but I could not believe that the "musicians in the morning" panel had much more people than the EQD panel.  I mean EQD is practically the central hub of our fandom and everyone working on it have worked hard for a long time keeping it as good as it has been.  It kind of made me sad that so many people ignored the EQD panel.  I enjoyed it and actually got to ask a question despite all the technical issues.  Also it seems like Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are ridiculously popular, even more so than some of the mane 6 like Applejack (unfortunately) and more prominent background ponies such as Derpy/Ditzy.  I don't have a poll or something like that in mind with hard numbers as proof but comes more from observation.  I have a feeling that there is a poll that shows their popularity and I just can't remember but I could very well be wrong.  DJ P0n-3/Vinyl Scratch shirts always seem to be the best selling on We Love Fine and there is a massive amount of fan content with them in it.  I feel like a lot of the massive support for them comes from all the fans who are more into music.  I just haven't read a lot of fanfics featuring them and I guess I just don't really see their appeal for those who aren't huge music lovers.


Thank you once again for delivering such a professional and entertaining podcast every week.

Your faithful listener,

The Baraclough (bear-a-cloth)


Sorry for the length... I'm a fairly wordy pony.

Hey, guys.


Yeah, yeah.  I’m wayyyyy late on this.


Just found your show, and am working my way through all of the episodes.


My 13 year old daughter says if you call her Bronette or anything other than Brony, she will hunt you down and hurt you.

~Grey Randal

Hi there,

In episode 65, Emmett Hall asked the question, "Have you or any of your listeners been a part of a rabid community/fandom before or is the MLP community their first?"  (I'm totally paraphrasing in the worst possible way).

Now, I'm older than a lot of the people in the fandom (30), but I'm completely honest in saying this community is the first time I've ever become this involved with a fandom.  I enjoy Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc., as much as the next nerd-type person, but never before did I write a bunch of original music for them, read fanfics, or join large-scale projects in tribute to them (*COUGH* Fallout: Equestria Radio Drama *COUGH*).  Ahem.  Excuse me.

MLP:FIM is my first, true fandom outside of music, and I must say, we're a lot nicer to each-other than guitarists are!


PS: AC, you're an old-school Sonic fan, too?  I'm right there with ya, buddy.  I remember when the first Sonic came out.  I don't know how much I played that game except that I could probably transcribe all of the music from memory!  It's all about DAT Starlight Zone...

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Good morning, oh Princess of the Sun. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Recently we had on Zach who is the Lead Everything for the Double Rainboom Fan Animation Project. He’s a jolly and talkative lad who helped us discuss rumors, the entire process of how he makes these wonderful animations, and even bonding with us on our various past addictions to certain time consuming MMOs. I included an audio file duct taped to this scroll. I hope you still have a cassette player, Princess.


Apple Cider

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