Title: The First Thanksgiving

Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies

Grade Level:  2nd Grade

Created By:  Kathryn Averkamp


Students will go back to in time to the day of the Pilgrims.  They will attend a virtual field trip to the Plimoth Plantation and explore what the Pilgrims and Wampanoags daily life was like, making a venn diagram to compare and contrast each.  Lastly, students will write a story about their experience as a Pilgrim and record themselves reading it online.  


Web Tools 2.0/Internet Tools Used:

Used to create a venn diagram.

Students will attend a virtual fieldtrip

Students will write a story and record it on this site.


1)  Have students pretend they’re on the Mayflower by watching “Voyage on the Mayflower”. Afterwards, have students discuss what it would be like if they were traveling that great distance.  Have students parter talk to share their ideas.  Tell students they are going to write a story as if they were on the Mayflower.  

        Have them include answers to questions like:

Students will draw and write a short story from this perspective and then read the story on Little Bird Tales. (Have teacher log for students.)  By doing this, students will have a chance to hear if their story makes sense and practice their speaking skills.  Students will read their story as it is, recording it using a microphone.

2)Have students take the virtual field-trip, “Tour the Plimoth Plantation, on Scholastic’s website.


3)  Next have them click on the “Daily Life” tab at the top of the main page and read about the daily lives of the Pilgrims and Wampanoag.  Under “Compare and Contrast” have them read the information about housing, clothes, food, chores, school, games.

4)  Have students navitage to ClassTools.net to create a Venn diagram that compares and contrasts the differences they read about.  Have them choose at least 4 out of the 6 (housing, clothes, food, chores, school, games) categories to write about on the Venn diagram.

        One on the site tell students to:

Assessment:  Students will be assessed based on the successful completion of their written stories as well as their venn diagrams.

These activities were adapted from Scholastic.com.