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First published on 22 June, 2011, last edited on 9 Oct, 2013


Why would you join SENSORICA?

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First, SENSORICA is not a club or just an open source community. We are for benefit and motivated by market needs.

SENSORICA is a space where individual creativity and production capacity intersects with the market know-how and resources of classical organizations. It is also an ideal platform for classical organizations to engage in the new economy.

Our global economy is in transition. Commons-based peer production is gradually emerging, but is formally incompatible with the structure of the old economy and its associated value flow systems. SENSORICA offers an ideal space for classical institutions and new economic agents to co-create and exchange value during this transition period.

As an individual

As a small company


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Sasha Mrkailo:

I would love to join such an venture just for the sake of enjoyment in a such process and idea. I think P2P economy (in some form) is the wave of the future, and I certainly would like to be a part of such future (and present of course).  I feel that you are up to something but at this point I am not sure is this a pie in the sky project or something that could live and prosper. I don’t know anything about optical sensors and such things but perhaps some other kind of contribution could be valuable. Anyway I will be monitoring what you guys are doing and how things are developing.