How to configure HomeSimCockpit to simulate Airbus DualStick

Date: 21 November 2010


Tomasz codeking Terlecki (

Tomasz ToTom Toboła (

HomeSimCockpit home site: (currently only in polish, english version soon).

HSC Airbus DualStick:

Installing and configuring PPJoy

Download ppjoy

(for example:

and install.

Follow the screenshots:

Click "Next" and then "Finish".


Configure the controller in FS (as usual)

You can use the other controller axis as usual.

If Your Virtual Controller is at index different than 1, You have to update file “Airbus DualStick.hcps”. Open it in Notepad, find “const $PPJOY_VIRTUAL_JOY_INDEX { type = int; value = 1; }” line and set value to Yours Virtual Controller index (1-16).

Installing and configuring HSC

Download an archive with HSC application and all required files from:

Extract archive to any folder You want. Start HSC by double click on HomeSimCockpit.exe file. Go to “Input modules” tab, from modules list select “GameControllersInput” and click “Configuration...” button.

From controllers list, select first controller You want to use for DualStick (1). Set a proper ID (2, “LeftJoy” for left stick, “RightJoy” for right stick) to indicate left or right stick. Configure method of reading controller’s inputs state (3, check “Sprawdzaj cyklicznie” and set value to 10). Go to “Osie” tab page and set axes range for X and Y axis (4, “Minimum” to -16838 and “Maksimum” to 16383) - double click on cell value to edit its value. Ensure that - Axis has “axis_Y” ID, and X-Axis - “axis_Y”.

If You have two joystick with the same name and don’t know which one is left or right, just pull and push it and progress bar in “Stan” column will change its value (for currently selected controller).

Go to “Przyciski” tab page. Press button on selected joystick which You want to be a Take Over Button. Pressed button will be highlighted. Set its ID to “TOB”.

Without closing configuration dialog, select second controller for second stick and repeat above configuration (remember to set controller ID to “RightJoy”).

Close configuration dialog with “OK” button. From main window click on “Load...” button (1) and select “Airbus DualStick.hcps” from directory with HSC. From scripts  list select “Airbus DualStick” (2) and click “Start script” (3).

From now, HSC will start simulate Airbus DualStick logic and show special graphic panel.

You can move this panel, click and drag it with mouse. Start FS (if it’s not already running), minimize HSC window and have fun !