Chapter 2:  Deflection

        goes to Spencer but keeps blaming Spencer, deflects the blame from himself

Quote 1:  “I’ll never forgive him…”

        he wrote that crap

        blaming Spencer for reading it

        immaturity of Holden

Quote 2:  “I’m just going through a phase…”

        denial is deflection

        something people say when people want someone off their back

        connection to sexuality - grades - student/teen issues

Character Development:  paradox within Holden (p13) - acting quite young, but mature enough to recognize his immaturity

Holden as a rule breaker - civil disobedience, being an nonconformist.  let your flag fly!

Rhetorical devices:

        irony (14)

                Holden hates the word “grand” - sees it as phony

Chapter 3:  Rooming with Cheetas and Lions

        cheaters and liars - everyone around him is a liar or a cheater

        he’s a liar himself

Quote 1:  “I’m the most terrific liar…” (16)

        another contradiction

        brutally honest to the audience but lies consistently to everyone around him

        lying to protect his feelings

                nervousness, another deflection

        ambiguity of the word “terrific”

                lies are actually quite transparent

                or is it frequency

        reliability as a narrator

Quote 2:  “I’m quite illiterate…” (18)

        another contradiction!!!!!

        doesn’t know what he’s talking about

Development:  uncomfortable with himself, confusion - at battle with two parts of himself

        lots of foreshadowing here!

        lots of verbal irony - saying one thing and meaning another - directed at Ackley

MOTIF:  deception/honesty!

Chapter 4:  Secret Slob - mostly about Stradlater

        always looks right

        connection to deception - other people are also deceivers

        Holden sees true nature of people

Quote 1:  “Cut it out Holden…”

        showing Holden’s maturity at the time

         perhaps a death wish?

Quote 2:  “You’re right in my light Holden…”

        relationship between Ackley, Holden, Stradlater

Quote 3:  “Sharp…”

        Stradlater and Ackley are mirror opposites

        empty complements - Stradlater is simply telling Holden what he wants to hear

A different side of Holden - JANE GALLAGHER!!!!

        Holden’s jealousy of Stradlater

        wants to go see her but he backs out

        a tone shift - reflection of Gatsby, being stuck in the past

        Jane a woman from his past

        character foils:  Holden/Stradlater



                knowing someone versus knowing someone

Chapter 5:  A Turning Point

        one of the first times that Holden cares about another person - ALLIE CAULFIELD!

        invites Ackley to the movie with him - putting on a façade

Quote 1:  “Punched all the goddamn windows out…”

        he doesn’t talk about his family much except to disregard his parents

        really cared for his brother - admiration



        irony:  talking down about himself while he talks up his brother

                a habit of Holden’s - dealing with his pain

        implying that his problems are the fault of others - lack of responsibility - immaturity

Quote 2:  “People never believe you…” - another contradiction