You can create folders in the top level folder of a Content Area or inside another folder.  Folders are useful for organizing and structuring the content of a Blackboard course. Once a folder is created, content such as assignments, external links, or tests and additional subfolders may be added to it.

To create a content folder within your course

Step 1: Open the Content Area where you would like to add a folder.

Step 2 : Once you are in your Content Area, you will be able to access the Action Bar. Mouseover Build Content and click on Content Folder.

Step 3: Type in the name of your folder. Then you may choose your preferred color for the text of your folder.

Step 4: After you have named your folder, you may add a text description. This text will be shown directly underneath the folder name within the content area.

Step 5: Set the options, such as view tracking and availability restrictions.

Step 6: Click Yes to Permit Users to View this Content for student visibility. If you would like to choose a later time, click the Display After item and choose a date and time restriction for the folder to be deployed.  If you would like to display the folder till a certain date, click Display Until and choose a date and time restriction for the folder to be invisible for students.

Step 7: Click Yes on Track Number of Views  if you would like to know how many times students visit your folder.

Step 8: Click on the Submit button to add your folder.