Online Translator Activity


1. Go to


2. Type the following paragraph into the translation window:


Hi there. What's goin on? How have you been? School just started for me, I can't believe I am 16 years old already. I guess time flies when you're having fun. Did I tell you that I have been seeing Maria? She is so cool. What have you been up to over the summer? I was waiting at the Dominos Pizza in town, but it totaly sucked. My mom wants me to find something better. Anyway I have to run now, we should hang out on Friday.

Talk to you later



3. Translate the paragraph from English to Spanish by selecting the appropriate option.


4. Copy and paste the Spanish translation into a word document.

5. Bold the words that seem to have been mistranslated, or not translated at all.

Underline the words you recognize in Spanish.


6. Copy the Spanish translation back into the window on the translation website.


7. Translate the paragraph from Spanish back to English by selecting the appropriate option.


8. Copy and paste the new English translation into the same word document.

9. Bold all the words or phrases that have been mistranslated or not translated at all.


10. Answer the following reflection questions:

□   Do you think this translation was effective? Why or why not? Give two specific

       examples from the text.


□   Do you think using websites like are an effective tool for you to

       use as you learn a new language? Why or why not?


□   What specific problems did the translator encounter? What types of words or

       phrases did it struggle with?


□   Is there ever an appropriate time to use a translator? Why or why not?


□   Find three Spanish/English dictionary websites, not translator websites, and list


E-mail the following 3 things in 1 word document to


1.      The passage translated from English to Spanish with words underlined and bolded.

2.      The passage translated back from Spanish to English with words bolded.

3.      The answers to the reflection questions written in complete sentences.


Make sure your name and section are in the e-mail subject!!