Known Tool Issues and Lab Bugs FAQ Sheet

  1. You cannot program the FGPA while the debugger is running in SoftConsole. FlashPro will fail with an cryptic error message. You have to first halt the debugger (red button in SoftConsole).
  2. If the debugger does not respond, you may have to reload the debug session or press the RESET switch on the kit.
  3. If you get an error message to the effect that more then one debug sprite is running when starting a debug session on SoftConsole, you will need to kill the task. Crtl-Alt-Del and select task manager. Kill the task named “arm-none-eabi-sprite”.
  4. If you change the settings for the FAB clock and reprogram the FPGA, it may be necessary to power reset the kit for new FAB clock setting to work. Disconnect the USB power cable (nearest push button) and reconnect. This will disrupt the SoftConsole debug connection. You need to reload the debug configuration to recover the connection.