Responsibilities: You are responsible for overseeing all of the writing that will go on the page. This may be done by hand and typed into the computer, or typed on the computer and emailed to the techie to be put on your digital page. This job may be combined with the researcher if there are not enough group members.

Instructions: Since you are responsible for overseeing all of the writing that goes onto the page, you might not be able to start until the researcher has scouted out some sites and made sure you can pull info from them. Once the information has been gathered, it is up to you to re-write it in a way that is understandable to the rest of the class.

You can do your writing one of two ways:

  1. By hand - You may want to do it this way if you aren’t too fast at typing and your brain thinks much faster than you can type. After you are all done, you can type them into your textbook page.
  2. On the computer - If you can type just as fast as you think, you may want to type your writing so that way when you have to put it on your textbook page it is just a copy and paste.

Your paragraphs should follow the TCEAL structure. However instead of Evidence, you will be giving examples to support specific details about your system.

(Claim) The Circulatory system is an important system in the body.

(Example) It is responsible for transporting oxygen through the blood.