PED 201 – Professor Yang

Reflection:  Lab Six

Name: Andrew Hettinger                                                                                                  Date: 12/6/10


A. To reflect on your experiences working with the St. Mary’s students.

B. To gain knowledge and insight as to your individual “teaching style” through play and participation.

Answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

TASK A/B:  Reflection on experiences working with St. Mary’s students.

  1. Based upon observations and interactions with the St. Mary’s students, describe what you have learned about young children?  Provide examples of activities you felt were appropriate. Why? Were there activities that were not appropriate?  Why?  

Based upon observations and interactions with St. Mary’s students I have learned a lot about young children and how they cope with other students and how they pay attention. I learned that in order to keep them focused on your teaching you have to be simple and to the point. Also if you don’t act like you want to be there then the students will feel that vibe and lose focus quickly. I learned this while I taught some appropriate activities to the students such as the parachute games. These games were exciting for the children and they had a lot of fun while we incorporated a Christmas theme into the games. These games were appropriate because they were not hard to comprehend and they were age appropriate. However I did observe some games that were not appropriate such as a relay race with dribbling a basketball. This game had a little action time and they students seemed board. Also this game was in the “P.E Hall of shame”.

  1. Based upon your interactions with St. Mary’s PRE K program, describe your experience.  How was this different from working with the older age students?  Did you enjoy working with younger age children?  Why or Why not?

My experience with the Pre-K students was enjoyable in the fact that you learn a lot from them and how the cope with skills and tasks. They are full of excitement and have an imagination that makes you think a lot about your younger years. The Pre-K was different from the older students because of there motor development skills were not the same and it was interesting in observing these interactions and how different age groups have different motor skills. I did enjoy working with the younger group but I really want to teach middle or high school. The experience I had with the younger group was fun and enjoyable and I will always remember it!

  1.  During your field experience, each of you worked with children in the cafeteria setting.  Describe the fine motor activities you observed.  Do you feel that working on fine motor activities is something we should work on in Physical Education.

Unfortunately my lab group never had the opportunity to sit down with the cafeteria group and work on fine motor activities since we went outside and played kick-ball. However I do believe we should work on fine motor skills in physical education because it broadens the motor development skills that can help future motor skills in daily living. Using fine motor skills happens every day by everyone and if we teach it in physical education it will just be another place to practice and achieve higher fine motor skills.

  1.  Reflecting on your growth as a future teacher, what have you learned from this experience that has given you insight as to your individual “teaching style”.  Has your teaching style emerged based upon your experience and interaction at St. Mary’s.  If yes, in what way.  If not, how else might this occur?

I feel my teaching style has emerged based upon my experience and interactions with St. Mary’s. I feel that once im teaching a game or activity everything just goes away and my teaching style comes out. I try to be loud so the students can hear me but not in a way as a drill sergeant would do.  As I am growing to be a future teacher I really think going to St. Marys helped me evolve my teach style. I still have much to learn but I am content right now with what I accomplished and how I am not shy around the students and I try to provide a sense of comfortbility and enjoyment.