Notes from the Steering Committee of the Synodically Authorized Worshiping Community

The members of the steering committee are:

Kenn Mingus -- co-leader

Phil Hart -- co-leader

Sally Hart

Patti Langsdale

John Nelson

Carl Christensen

Tim Draney

Dee Rose

Jeff Trang

Dianna Trang

The committee has met twice.

As a SAWC, we would be considered a chapel.  We would change that to church when we are at mission status.

Once we are approved as a SAWC, we can be on the ELCA website for those looking for an ELCA church.  

Name – we really need a name before we can apply for an EIN and a bank account.  There was a lot of discussion on name and everyone agreed that it should contain the word "Grace".  After more discussion and hearing the definition of abiding (continue without change, steadfast, unending and imperishable, enduring) we are proposing the name Abiding Grace Lutheran Chapel.

Nolan Clemens agreed to be our treasurer and Lynette will assist him in setting up a membership contribution system.  We are considering creating a nonbinding anonymous pledge form to gauge the level of financial support to assist in budget planning.

Kenn, Carl, and Phil met with a potential pastoral candidate.  They were impressed with him and his theology.  He would only make a 6 month commitment and is not interested in being a "mission pastor".  However, 6 months could give us time to get started.  No decision was made.

After looking at a pastor's salary and expenses, rent for the location, cell phone, and miscellaneous expenses; we will probably need about $1000-$2000 a month.  There was some talk about a stewardship process.

Many of the rest of the committee are looking for a meeting place.

Bessie Mitchell House in Grapevine is not available.  

The Merlot Room in GV is also not available due to sleeping firemen nearby.  

Community Room at Stacy's Furniture is not available until noon so that's out too.  

Holy Trinity School is definitely a possibility.  It rents for $400 for 4 hours; $500 for 8 hours.

Elks Lodge in Grapevine – being looked at

Highland Meadows Montessori – being looked at

If you know of any location, please let someone on the committee know.

Things may seem to be moving slowly but remember what Bishop Kanouse said – "you eat an elephant one bite at a time!"

We are hoping to start worshiping in early August.

Feel free to share these notes with others that may be interested.  Let me know if they want to be added to the email list.

Abiding in His Grace,

Kim Saunders