Technology/Discussion Leader: 10% Course Grade

Description: You will also lead the discussion of one set of readings with a partner. The catch is that you will also need to use some form of technology to facilitate the discussion. In essence, you’ll be practicing teaching a new technology while also discussing the content of the readings for that week—a balancing act that any teacher who uses technology in class must do. You and your partner will choose a week to facilitate discussion (based on your interests) and a technology that you can use to facilitate discussion. Please meet with me the week prior to your scheduled class session to finalize a plan for how you will lead discussion. The week after you facilitate, you will submit a reflection in your blog about the design, development, delivery and collaboration process. Due: weekly during discussion and as assigned for the discussion leader.

100 Points Possible




(within 1 week, Post in your blog or submit to Shelley via email)