8th Grade Science.  


  Mrs. Hurst     Hurstkr@daytoncity.net              775-8414  Ext. 8282

Attendance- Once a day.

DCS @ home Daily Attendance click here

A/B students daily attendance will now be done on paper and turned in the next day they attend.  Homeroom teachers will send an attendance sheet home every week.  (I will try to link one here soon so you can print it if lost.)

 *Join Remind for access to class announcements and ease of communication.Science class: @dcs8t

VIDEO Click here to view my view video introduction

 Our online classroom, Schoology, is not completely ready to go.  While we wait for schoology to launch we will work from this website. Check it daily, follow instructions, and do your assignments.  If you need my help I will be available from 10:00-11:00

 9/11/20 quiz for everyone

Use the quizlet or quizziz study links below to help you study for your quiz friday.  Quiz Unit 1 Lesson 1&2  

Quizlet-  https://quizlet.com/_6xkw4l?x=1jqt&i=rmg9s

Quizziz - https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/5f5a652f46689a001d4de0b0

DCS@ home students        Week 3: Sept 31st- August 4th

Monday - Friday  Go to schoology to get your work for this week.

DCS Cohort A/B  Use remind app if you lose your assignment sheet.

Cohort Science work for (A)Sept. 2nd-4th    (B)Sept.7- Sept. 9th

  1. Do quiz corrections if you didn’t finish them in class.
  2. Do the Speed/Distance/Time problem worksheet that you were given (A)Tuesday/(B)Friday. Write on the worksheet and show your work. Circle, highlight or color code the answers when done.
  3. Do the graphing worksheet labeled Distance vs Time. Do vocabulary from page 21 in your book in your composition book, label it lesson 2.
  4. Read pages 21-26 and answer the questions on each page.

You can also go to schoology to check for online conferences @10 each day.

WEEK 2- DCS at home  August 24-28…….. WEEK 1 BELOW

MONDAY- Google meet. We will go over some questions on your chapter review. Have your book in hand when we start.

TUESDAY- Google meet to go over speed problems. It may take me a minute to get signed on. Have paper and calculator ready to do some practice problems when you sign on. After our meeting do the following worksheet,  just click on the blue words speed problem worksheet. To do this worksheet you will need to get out a sheet of paper and label it speed problems #1.Divide your paper up into 12 sections. HOW? Draw a line down the middle then draw 5 lines(start the first line 4 rows down from the top) from left to right giving yourself plenty of space to work the problems between each line. You MUST show your work and circle the answer. Also, make sure the answer has the correct units. Email me a picture when you are done.

WEDNESDAY -I am available for anyone needing help on the speed problems. Send me an email and I will set up a google meet.  Use this linked Quizziz game to help you study for your quiz coming up this week. Do the flashcards then take the quiz. You may do it as many times as you like. Send me a picture of your best score.

THURSDAY-   Notes- I have linked your lesson 1 notes and practice problems here. Copy them to the front of your scientist notebook (notes section ). Also, there are some practice speed problems with the answers on the following slides…...I can not get google meet to work right this morning. I am very sorry. Tomorrow you will have a quiz…...Be ready to sign into schoology. I have placed your quiz there. Hopefully, tomorrow I will switch to schoology. Check here first.

FRIDAY -  Today I need you to sign in on your schoology link. Go to your science class, 2nd period, you will have a conference to join. After the conference there is a quiz for you to take. You may use your notes on the quiz. If it doesn't work today don't worry. We will work it out.   Its 8:30 friday night and several students have not signed in to take your quiz.

WEEK 2 - Cohort A STUDENTS   August 24-28        I sent a copy of this home with everyone.

WEDNESDAY-  Group A Finish speed problem worksheet. This is a link for anyone that lost their worksheet: Speed Prob.

THURSDAYGroup A -Finish up all vocabulary, lesson 1 question from pages 5-15, and chapter review

FRIDAY-Group A - Do page 19 in your science workbook and study for a quiz. I will link a quizziz review, just click on the blue Quizziz game.

Week 2 Cohort B students   I will send a assignments home for Monday=Wednesday.

WEEK 1  DCS@ home    August 17-21

MONDAY - August 17:  Google Meet starts at 10:00.  I’m new at this so please be patient.(: Just click on the blue words above to join.  

          Fill out All about me and share it with me at hurstkr@daytoncity.net

         You need a composition notebook for Tomorrow. 100 pages or more.

TUESDAY- NO Google meet today…..Set up scientist notebook, click on blue words to watch a powerpoint on how to set up.

Once you have it set up, do lesson one vocabulary in your scientist notebook. You will find your words in your science book p 5. They are in a green box. If you don't have it set up yet do it on notebook paper and hold on to it. I always grade vocabulary.

WEDNESDAY - Google meet at 10 for those that have questions.   Pretest open this link and take the 10 question pretest. Make sure you submit it when you are finished.  ( Im am working on making the pretest sharable…….) You need to make sure you are signing in with a sweatbees account.

Once you finish and submit your pretest get your scientist notebook and do your #1 Essential Question.  Click on the blue words to find your question and instructions.

THURSDAY- Today you need your book.  Turn to page 5 in your book and do the Engage Your Brain questions. Once you have completed those questions start reading lesson one, on page 6, and answer the questions as you go through to page15. (skip only #10).Answer document for Thursdays bookwork.

FRIDAY -Do Chapter Review on page 17. When you are finished take a picture of the page and email it to me.






Use this linked Quizziz game to help you study for your quiz coming up next week.


NEED HELP MONDAY - FRIDAY :   I will be available to help or answer any questions. You can reach me by phone, email or send me a google meet from 10:00 - 11:00.

Below I have put together some websites for you to explore. I will be adding to it from time to time.  Once we have covered all of our 8th grade material I will add some 9th grade material to help you get ready for High School.

Remember to check you Google classroom for new quizziz or answers to you homework packets. Also, you can download the Google classroom app to your phone if you don't have a computer.

List of online games and labs students might enjoy.



adaptive and assistive technology


 1. Ring of fire....click on title or go to page 463 in textbook.

 2. Assignment look for plate techonics assignments here if the above does not take you there.



 Earthquakes and Volcano Internet project

 Start off here with internet activity    http://www.ceri.memphis.edu/seismic/  Then go to all earthquakes on map and look for Tennessee.


 Erupting everyday  http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=4882 http://volcanoes.usgs.gov/publications/assessments.php