Event Planning Guide


Dear College Activities Planner,

We are thrilled that you want to bring Josh to your campus

I’m hear to help you in any way I can..

Below please find some information and tips for planning your event. If you need anything else, please contact me at Lisa@JoshSundquist.com or call 202.750.1154.



Lisa Harbin

Assistant to Josh Sundquist


Funding Suggestions 

There are many sources of funding available to you.  Look for budgets earmarked for any of the following purposes:


1.  Student activities

2.  Disability awareness

3.  Diversity awareness

4.  Multiculturalism


Consider resources both on and off campus for funding, grants, general budgets, and private donations.  You may find grants available through private foundations or your state government.

Some colleges also receive grants from their athletics department to bring Josh and the athletics department, in turn, requires all varsity athletes to attend the event.

In general working through Student Activities is your best option.



After you reserve the date and time  of your event, your next task is to promote it. You can find a poster template on the meeting planner resource page. The poster is meant to be printed at 24”x36”

Add the following information to the blank area on the poster:



You can either hand write the information or print it and stick the info to each poster using adhesive backed paper or tape. 


We recommend you put up the posters approximately five days before the event.  Hang up as many as possible.  You want to cover your entire campus.  The posters must be ubiquitous in all high traffic areas.  You want enough posters that students literally cannot miss them, enough that they discuss the event with their friends.


Press Release

There is a press release later in this guide.  We recommend you fill in the blanks with information about your event and distribute it to your local media.  You may want to include local newspapers as well campus newspapers--both student-run and official university newsletters.


Activities List

Most campuses have centralized student activity lists.  You'll want Josh’s event included in all these calendars and email blasts.


Requirement filling

In our experience with these events, professors have given students extra credit or required attendance from those enrolled in classes related to disability and diversity awareness (classes such as Adaptive Recreation, etc.).  We have also had colleges give credit for attendance to fulfill requirements for "freshman events" or "community programs" at that school.  Additionally, many coaches of varsity-level athletic teams ask their athletes to attend these types of events to encourage players to gain a broader understanding of disabled sports, since Josh was a Paralympic ski racer.


Partnerships with Campus Groups

Think about groups on your campus that may want to partner with you to promote the movie event.  This may include student organizations, clubs, and offices on campus that are interested in issues like diversity, disability, multiculturalism, student activities, student affairs, and more.  Ask these groups if they would like to help support the event by promoting it to their members and contact lists.


Planning Checklist


1-6 months

3-6 weeks


1 week


Press Release Template




Contact person: ____________________________


Phone: ____________________________________


Email: _____________________________________




<City>, <State>, <Date> -"Laughing at Our Differences," the stand up comedy concert featuring disabled comedian Josh Sundquist, will be playing at ___________________ on ____________.  The movie is a live recording of the 24-year-old paralympian's routine about the humorous aspects of having one leg.


"I like to use laughter to give people a different perspective on what it means to be disabled," Sundquist says.  "People have stereotypes about what it means to be disabled.  By joking about my amputation, I think it makes people rethink those stereotypes and reframe their understanding of diversity in general."


Sundquist, who lost his leg to cancer at age 9, also spent several years as a professional ski racer.  He went to Turino, Italy in 2006 as a member of the United States Paralympic Ski Team.


"Going to the Paralympics was an incredible experience," Sundquist says.  "It gave me the chance to meet so many people with different types of disabilities.  It's also given me the platform to travel the country sharing my story."


Sundquist's movie "Laughing at Our Differences" was recorded in front of a live audience of over 600 college students.  In it, Sundquist relates his story and shows the lessons he has learned about appreciating diversity.  He shows students how to recognize things we all have in common, how to break through harmful stereotypes, and how to approach other people with humility.


Sundquist is in demand as a comedian and motivational speaker across the country.  He has performed for groups ranging from inner-city public schools to Fortune 500 companies like Wal-Mart and Rite Aid to the White House in Washington, DC.  His comedy videos on YouTube have been viewed over a half-million times.


The screening of "Laughing at Our Differences" is free and open to members of the local community.  It is sponsored by __________________.  After the event, there will be a discussion panel whose members will share their experiences with diversity on campus.