Audacity is free, open source software that can be used to record and edit sounds. It can be used to create podcast.

Getting Started

To create a folder, right click and choose New > Folder.

Open the Audacity program by going to the Start button > All Programs > HCPS Software > Audacity, or type Audacity in the Search Box

Importing Sounds and  Adding Music from the Audacity menu bar > Project > Import Audio > navigate to file OR drag and drop.  A new track will be added (or two if you have stereo).

Recording Your Voice


To record your voice, plug your microphone/speaker headset into the computer USB port.

Press the Record (red circle) button and start talking.

Press the Stop (yellow square) button when you are done.

 Press the Play (green triangle) button to listen to your track .

You can listen to your tracks with mute or solo to match up sounds and effects.

Editing Your Waveform

Ruler across the top measure seconds.

Rulers down the side is the sound meter

Using the “I” selection tool - Highlight the portion of your wave that you would like to change.

Use the Zoom tool to focus on small editing tasks.) Once highlighted:

-Click the delete key to delete.

-Or go to Menu Bar > Effects ... to choose a special effect.

To Move music and sounds, highlight what you want to move, select the Time Shift tool and drag the clip to another on the track.

To Fade in or fade out, position audio clip where it should start in the track. In the music track - highlight the music that you want to fade in.

Go to Menu Bar > Effect > Fade In or Fade Out.

You can move tracks up and down using the Audio Track drop down table.


  • There are unlimited “Undo's” to go back in time.
  • When in doubt – press STOP!

Saving Your Project

File > Save Project As…

Click OK on the warning message.  This file type can ONLY be opened by Audacity.  If you plan to continue editing this project, you will want to save the project in this manner.  However, this file type cannot be easily shared or opened by other programs.

Name your project (keep the .aup extension), navigate to a save location, and press Save.

Sharing Your Project

To Share your Project

File > Export as MP3

Name your project (keep the .mp3 extension), navigate to a save location, and press Save.

This file type can opened in iTunes, Windows Media player, or similar programs.  However, this file type cannot be edited unless you import it into Audacity, again.

For more information, refer to the online software manual, located here:


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