Praise for LIGHT OF THE NEW DAY and other stories by Darin Cozzens

“Darin Cozzens’s stories display all the vital elements of fictional craft. His narrative voices compel the reader’s attention. His characters are varied and empathetic. His dialogue rings true.  His landscapes are a felt presence. His prose is seamlessly professional. Seen as a whole, Light of the New Day is a panorama of rural Mormon culture, rich in earned pathos leavened now and then by eccentric humor. This is a book to delight serious readers, a book deserving a diverse and discriminating audience.”

­— Gordon Weaver, winner of two Pushcart Prizes

and the O. Henry Award, author of ten short-story

collections and four novels, including Count a Lonely Cadence

“These stories hold the reader with their compelling characters, plots, conflicts, and deft use of language. They evoke Wyoming farm life, make it real, palpable, and human, including the Mormonism, when it appears. Above all the stories are honest, insightful as to what makes us mortal, and skillfully told.”

­—Douglas Thayer, author of Hooligan and The Tree House

Light of the New Day is one of the most admirable books I ever read. The tender, unsentimental respect it holds for the characters it portrays, the labors it describes, and the grand, rich, lonesome landscape it inhabits are extraordinary. Everything here is genuine, down to the black lunchbox and the motes of hayfield dust. What Darin Cozzens has seen and known he delivers to the page with earnest vividness. This volume is as honest and hearty as a fresh-baked wheat loaf.”

— Fred Chappell, novelist and poet laureate

of North Carolina from 1997 to 2002

“These stories rise from the dust of the Wyoming landscape.  In them, Cozzens gives us real people, worthy of our admiration. They work, socialize, and worship together; they know one another’s weaknesses. Their mettle is tested in the ordinary moments, when it can’t be faked by outward trappings. But there are secrets here too. Motives lie hidden. Longing and resentment nag at even the most stalwart characters. In a land like this, there’s no use wasting words. With Darin Cozzens’s stories it’s the same: Every word counts.”

—Jack Harrell,

author of Vernal Promises,

English professor at BYU–Idaho

“The voices in Light of the New Day are completely believable, the prose spare and precise, the setting utterly simple. For any who appreciate fine writing, Cozzens’s stories are like rivulets of irrigation water to parched earth—a theme that goes through several of his pieces. Within this volume are unexpectedly beautiful or surprising moments in the most unadorned places. Cozzens presents rural life, which he clearly knows well, in a way that reveals something we hadn’t realized we needed to know about humanity. We come away understanding that we did need that drink of good Wyoming water. We just hadn’t realized it was available, or that we were so thirsty.”

­­—Margaret Blair Young,

coauthor of the Standing on the Promises trilogy