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August 3, 2012, Thinking with my Thumbs

August 7, 2012 Badges

10 Self / 10 World Questions

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August 3, 2012, Thinking with my Thumbs

I wonder if I get good at using my thumb if I can begin to write on my mobile as fast as I can think.

I think it's possible, especially if my text editor, Swipe (is it?) gets better, and I get better at it.

It's interesting how connected--for better or worse--I feel to my tool for thinking. Now that's a different way to think about 'connected.'

It even comes down to how I use my fingers or thumbs. I was watching people on the train today, and I began to wonder if I might not be faster--more able to keep up with my thoughts--if I also learned to type fast with my thumb.

What's interesting about this experience is that I'm trying to be flexible in that I'm learning how to write, no, think in a way that initially feels like it is slowing me down, getting in the way of my thoughts. Yet I'm learning something about a new way of using a tool to think.

I just read a piece--in a Costco magazine- -about the importance of teaching handwriting because it makes you confident in your ability to express your thoughts, and I would add, find out what you think without a device, beyond pencil and paper.

My experience of learning how to think on a mobile device makes me want to agree with those promoting penmanship as a tool for thinking and expression. AND I want to reflect on other ways--such as on mobiles--young people write and think and the tools and ways we want them to try.

I suppose it's as simple as it is to provide options: 'Write this on paper, or type it in docs, or whatever you feel most comfortable writing as fast as you can to keep up with your thoughts.'

I wonder how many students would use their thumbs like I am right now on their mobiles, but also some might prefer paper and pen, yet others feel lost without Word and are thrown a bit by Docs.

Probably we want to find a personal balance for individuals where each has lots of time thinking with the devices and fingers or thumbs that he/she is most comfortable with, and leave room to be flexible enough to try new tools for thinking and composing.

August 7, 2012 Badges

Getting ready to have discussions about badges over the next couple of weeks. It’s how take advantage of being a connected educator.

10 Self / 10 World Questions

Questions about self:

1. Am I capable of reaching my goals? (Objective, determination, potential, doubt, ambition)

2. What would I accomplish in the future? (Inspiration, curiosity, career, ambition, desire)

3. Where do I prefer to live more, Bogota or New York? (Preference, nostalgia, memory, self-exploration, home)

4. What would I be now if my infancy were different? (Regret, curiosity, past, wonder, imagination)

5. What is the thing I hate the most? (Likes, details, characteristics, anger, distinction)

6. Do I have abnormal thoughts? (Self-analysis, deception, incredibility, fiction, allusion)

7. Is my character and behavior really normal? (Incredibility, dislike, nonconformity, doubt, conscience)

8. What would I discover of myself? (Curiosity, self-exploration, confidence, unknown, surprise)

9. Am I doing well now? (Doubt, nonconformity, reasoning, expectation, association)

10. How do others see me? (Personality, autism, perspective, nature, quality)

Questions about the world:

1. Is the existence of a God reality? (Creation, expectation, divinity, evolution,disbelief)

2. What happens when people die? (Life, cycle, explanation, reincarnation, )

3. How would the world be 500 years later? (Future, curiosity, technology, advancement, imagination)

4. What can I contribute to better the world (ambition, responsibility, hope, greatness, contribution)

5. Are people really "connected"? (psychology, theme, human interaction, society)

6. Is it true that people have only seven degrees of separation? (psychology, theory, incredibility, confusion, proximity)

7. What society is so cruel? (nonconformity, disdain, injustice, problem, society)

8. Are we living in some sort of dimension? (Curiosity, possibilities, description, world, challenge)

9. What is the universe in reality? (Curiosity, explanation, perception, allusion, unknown)

10. Is free will an illusion? (Behaviorism, will, power, control, belief)