Verbal Transcription

Teacher: Jeremy West                                                     Class:         EDU 255        

Topic:         Sepak Takraw – Volleying/Passing                                Grade:         Lab C                

Date:         10/29/2010                                                        # of Students:         15        

Note: Some things said may not be in the transcription because it wasn’t picked up on the camera.

To the Whole Class:

Good morning class.

Today we’re gonna be learning a new sport from Malaysia called sepak takraw.

Now before we get started I want to see if anyone knows where Malaysia is.

So I have a map here.

Come up, take a pin, and put it anywhere on the map where you think Malaysia is.

Just be careful not to stick yourself or anyone else.

Go ahead.

When you’re done with that I have three stations set up so just go down, read what’s on th-uh, sheets.

Fun facts about Malaysia and then we’ll meet back at the map.

There’s three stations down there guys, facts about Malaysia.

You can read them, do what they say, and we’ll meet back here.

To Tony:

Hop, not leap, Tony.

There ya go.

To the Whole Class:


Now that everyone knows some fun facts about Malaysia, I’m Mr. West.

Today my signal for attention is going to be my voice so whenever you hear my voice just stop, look up here, and we’ll go from there.

Now, how many of you like to play soccer?

Raise your hand.

What about volleyball?

Any volleyball?

Has anyone ever thought about combining the two into one sport?


Well that’s what we’re gonna learn today.

Sepak takraw is a combination between soccer and volleyball.

It’s more commonly known as kick volleyball.

Before we get into that we’re gonna work on some passing and volleying drills.

This, this, this drill is called speak raga.

It’s a variation of sepak takraw.

Sepak raga is very similar to hackey sack.

You have a ball, and you try to keep it in the air as long as possible by volleying it with your feet, your hands – your feet, your knees, your head, anything besides your arms and hands.

So, if I can have four people to help me demonstrate.

Ben, Tony, Jen, Andy.

Okay, if you guys can back up a little bit.

Okay, sepak raga is also known as the sowc-the circle game so we’re gonna get into a big circle.


I’ll start off volleying it and whoever it goes to you have to volley it as well.

Okay, you ready?

Very good.

One of the common mistakes that Ben was so nice to show us is when he hit it he didn’t hit it to anybod-any target.

He hit it that way.


What we’re gonna do is—remember our juggling lesson in soccer?

Two of the cues were give with the ball upon contact and soft touch.

Those are the same cues for volleying.

So what I want you guys to do—I have three groups.

Group one is gonna meet down there in the corner.

It’s gonna be Jen, Ben, Andy, Mark, and Ryan.

Group two is gonna be in the other corner.

Rob, Kevin, Holly, Greg, and Nicole.

Group three will be right here.

Kayla, Laura, Tim, and Tony.

You guys notice you guys will have three balls over there.

You guys can choose whatever ball you want to start off with.


Whenever you get there you guys can start.

To Jen:

That works but make sure it’s a soft touch, soft touch.

To the Whole Class:

Try to count how you guys can get up in a row.

To Kevin:

Very good, Kevin.

Have you played this before or something?

You’re pro.

To Group Two:

Since you guys are doing pretty well-

To Nicole:

Nicole, what did you do wrong?

(I used my hands)

Okay, good.

To Group Two:

Since you guys are doing pretty good try switching to a harder ball.

That little orange one is a takraw ball.

Try using that.

I just wouldn’t recommend heading with that ball.

To the Whole Class:

Alright guys, jog it back in.

Let’s go, jog.

Okay, next thing we’re gonna work on is passing.

We’re gonna be doing a similar drill in a circle.

To Group One:

Now group one, how many times did you guys volley it in a row?


To Group Two:

What about group two?

A lot?

To Group Three:

Group three?


To the Group Two:

Okay so group two you guys seem to be the best at that so you guys’ prize is you’re gonna help me demonstrate the next drill.

So if you five can get up here.

Grab any ball you want.

To the Whole Class:

Okay, cues for this passing drill we’re gonna use the acronym B.E.G.S.

So if Greg has the ball Kevin’s gonna be begging for it.

B, body facing the target.

E, eyes on the target.

G, give with ball upon contact.

S, soft touch.

To Group Two:

Okay, so group two you’re gonna get in a circle like you did before.

Now the person who starts off with the ball he’s gonna be number one.

Who else is in group two?

Okay, Nicole.

Okay, this drill is gonna be a sequence so Greg is gonna try passing it to Nicole; Nicole is gonna try passing it to Kevin; and Kevin’s gonna pass it to Holly; Holly’s gonna pass it back to Greg.

That’s how it’s gonna work.

So try that out.

No! Use your feet. No hands.

It’s okay.

Practice makes perfect, right?

To the Whole Class:

Okay, same groups.

Go back to where you were and let’s try that out.

We’ll try it for a couple minutes.

To Group One:

Okay, so Jen is gonna be number one.

You’re gonna be doing a star.

So you’re gonna pass it to Mark.

Mark is gonna pass it to Andy.

Andy is gonna pass it to Ben.

Ben is gonna pass it to Ryan.

Ryan’s gonna pass it back to Jen.

Simple enough?

If you guys are having trouble, I’ll let you guys have one bounce.

Okay? One bounce.

To Kevin:

There ya go.

Good job, Kevin.

To Group Three:

You guys can have one bounce, okay?

There ya go.

To the Whole Class:

Alright guys, let’s bring it in.

Jog in guys, let’s go.

Everyone have fun today?

A little different, right?

Alright, who can tell me some cues to volleying?

Two cues to volleying.

Soft touch.

Give with contact.


What about… passing?

(someone said body facing target)

Good job.


Two more.

Soft touch and give with contact.

Good job guys.

Is anyone wondering where Malaysia actually is?

Yes? Okay.

Let’s see.

Malaysia, this is kind of a trick question because there’s two parts of Malaysia.

One over here which is Penin-Peninsular Asia, uh, Peninsular, uh, Malaysia.

Who put this blue one here?

To Tim:

Tim, you did it?

Tim, you go the second one.

That’s East-East Malaysia.

To the Whole Class:

Good job guys.