Blank pages can be added to any content area in your course.  The Blank Page tool allows you to include Mashups, links to course content, file attachments, images, and text as a link in a course area. Blank Pages present content in a different way than items do. There is no description that appears below the title of the page. The students see your content only after clicking the link. This reduces the amount of scrolling and streamlines the appearance of the course area.

To add a blank page within your course:

  1. Access the content area where you want the file to appear and make sure the Edit Mode is set to ON.
  2. Hover over Build Content.
  3. Choose New Page > Blank Page.

Next, build the page using the text editor.

On the Blank Page display, enter a title with a descriptive name for the page. This becomes the link in the course area.

Type your content for the page in the Content box. You can use the Text Editor functions to format the text and include files, images, web links, multimedia, and Mashups. Files attached in the Text Editor are visible to students only after they click the blank page link.

To Attach a File from your Computer (OPTIONAL):

  1. Click Browse My Computer.
  2. Navigate to and select your file on your local computer.

To Attach a File from your Content Collection (OPTIONAL):

  1. Click Browse Content Collection.

  1. Locate file within Content Collection pop-up window.
  2. Click the Radio Button next to the file name.
  3. Click Submit.

Set View, Tracking, and Date/Time Restriction options for your blank page.

Click Submit.

Successful Blank Page creation

A successfully created blank page will look something like this: