Sometimes Google Translate does some strange things. Here's my catalog of some I've noticed in French class.

English entered

Google's French


I eat pizza.
I am eating pizza.
I do eat pizza.

Je mange des pizzas.
Je mangeais de la pizza.
Je ne manger de la pizza.

First verb is right; pizza goes plural.
Second verb is wrong, goes to imperfect: "
was eating"!

Third sentence is nuts: ne without a pas, verb not  conjugated, pizza back to singular.

I eat pizza

I eat pizza.

I eat pizza every day.

I eat pizza regularly.

Je manger de la pizza

Je mange des pizzas.

Je manger de la pizza tous les jours.

Je mange la pizza régulièrement.

Adding the period changes manger to mange.

The third form spits out the infinitive form; the second and fourth spit out the correct first-person conjugated form.

Let's throw a party.

Let's throw a party!

Jetons un parti.

Faisons une fête!

All I changed was the punctuation. The latter form is what we'd expect; the former means, literally, "Let us physically throw a political party" (perhaps out a window, which would be a defenestration!)