Meals and Snacks

I will provide one meal and one snack for children here 5-10 hours or two snacks to children here over  7 hours. If he/she is here over 10 hours a day and has not eaten breakfast then I will provide it (two meals and two snacks).

I will give children 100% juice, water and milk to drink only. The only time something else may be served is for parties or projects. I do not have “junk food” in my home. Snacks and meals will be healthy. I do not make special meals or different foods for individual kids, with the exception of food allergies.

Lunch time meals will be “quick meals”. Some possible meals include peanut butter sandwich served with carrots; turkey sandwich served with apples; noodles with mixed vegetables and meat; or chicken, potatoes and green beans.

Supper time (for 2nd/3rd shift kids) will consist of the foods that my family eats. It will be a very well balanced diet; usually protein, carb and two veggies. I do not force a child to eat anything but I will not make different foods or provide dessert/snacks/treats to anyone that chooses not to eat the provided meal. I will send a note home with a planned menu on it. I understand that your child may not eat sauerkraut and sausage, chicken spinach alfredo, stir fry or salad; therefore you have the option of sending your child’s supper in a lunch box with him/her. However I do recommend against this because it makes for adversity at supper time with the other children. I  also ask that you send a well balanced

If your child is under one year of age please visit the following link for feeding guidelines and an acknowledgement form: