Job Title


Senior Biostatistician

Growing Up in New Zealand



Auckland UniServices



University of Auckland Tamaki Campus

Reporting To


Research Director (PI)

Direct Reports



Data Manager

Data Access Coordinator

Functional Relationships with


Associate Directors

Named Investigators

Theme and Domain leaders

Research Manager

Research fellows



To lead and manage the biostatistics team including peer review and quality check of their work and undertake the role of Senior Biostatistician in developing and executing analysis plans.



Lead and manage the Biostatistics team

Manage the time and resources of the biostatistics team

Peer review and quality check the work of the biostatistics team

Develop longitudinal analysis plans in conjunction with the Named Investigators, Directors and Associate Directors

All deliverables for the biostatistics team are met on time

The quality of data and outputs is assured

Longitudinal data is collected appropriately for analysis according to a longitudinal analysis plan

Statistical Analyses and Data Linkage


Contribute expertise to linkage of interview data with routinely collected data sets.

Undertake statistical analyses as required in conjunction with members of the research team and contribute to the preparation of research publications


Keep up to date in current statistical methods and statistical software particularly in the analyses of longitudinal data

Support the biostatistics and research teams by providing expertise in longitudinal data analyses and acquisition of new knowledge in these areas

Data is analysed appropriately in the context of the longitudinal study, with respect for all population groups, and in line with all relevant protocols and procedures

Linked data sets are robust and ready for longitudinal analyses

Statistical analyses address the agreed research questions and research objectives of the project

Datasets are linked over time ready for longitudinal analyses

Statistical advice is relevant and robust

Methodology relevant to longitudinal design and analyses is provided to support the research

Support and Contribution to Report and Publication Preparation

Support the  Director and Associate Director(s)  of the project and contribute as a key member of the research team

Provide timely, expert statistical advice for the research team including the preparation of proposals, statistical analyses, interpretation of results and writing of reports and scientific papers

The  project proceeds smoothly and productively, producing the research deliverables in a timely and appropriate manner

The project and its researchers are well represented in the scientific literature

Multicultural Dimensions and Responsiveness to Maori

Ensure data are analysed and reported in a manner appropriate for relevant population groups, and particularly ensure consistency with Growing Up in New Zealand study Kaitiaki principles and compatibility with Māori development goals and aspirations.  

The research succeeds in the participation and retention of Maori, Pacific, Asian and European participants, community stakeholders and families.

Research, planning, design and analyses are culturally appropriate and recognise the principles of Kaitiaki (guardianship) of Maori contributions and knowledge in particular

The Growing Up in New Zealand Kaitiaki group approve relevant research outputs (representations of data)

Data Collection Waves and Study Instruments

Contribution as a member of the senior research team to the overall planning of data collection waves

Data collection waves are planned appropriately to achieve the study objectives





Higher degree  in any of the following disciplines: Statistics, Biostatistics or other relevant discipline

Preferably PhD, but strong Masters considered


Able to lead and manage a small team

Expertise in epidemiological and lifecourse principles of longitudinal research design, data analyses and interpretation

Expertise in the analysis, management and interpretation of large complex data sets, including an understanding of the principles of data linkage

Thorough knowledge of advanced statistical techniques

Expertise with one or more statistical software packages ( including SAS)  that will handle large complex datasets

Experience as a senior biostatistician on  large research projects

Previous involvement in successful funding applications

Personal Attributes

Enthusiasm for the Project

Excellent interpersonal skills

Ability to communicate in a culturally appropriate way with various stakeholder groups

Ability and willingness to work in a businesslike manner within an academic environment

Ability to meet deadlines and mange others to meet their deadlines

Ability to accept change and demonstrate flexibility

Ability and willingness to share knowledge and assist colleagues

Ability to work well individually and within a diverse  


A pro-active and positive approach

Ability to build an understanding of the Treaty of Waitangi and the principles of Maori research ethics as they apply to data use and analysis