If Joyce Made “Over” Her Goal on Kickstarter,

Why Is She Still Asking for More Money?


Kickstarter Donors Raised:                                                                               



After Kickstarter and Amazon got their cut that left:



There were Legal & Accounting Bills, so we went down to:



The money could not be given directly to the CH-UH Public Library, nor could it be spent before the end of 2011 because it was raised and received in December.


Accordingly the Kickstarter income was taxed as “Estate Income” by the IRS, which is a substantially higher tax bracket than it would have been had Joyce raised money in her own name.  (She wasn’t comfortable with that.)


After all the various taxes were paid, we were left with:



Design, Materials, Processing and Shipping the complete work was a very low— and fixed— fee ($25,000), so that left:



There were other costs, including


·        Fundraising/Promotion

·        Publicity

·        Creating and Mailing or Delivering Donor Rewards

·        Documentation

·        Printing


As of 9/15/2012 there was a negative balance of:



After additional fundraising at Small Press Expo 2012, we trimmed some remaining costs needed to otherwise fulfill last donor fully complete the project.  

We raised $1016, leaving only a negative balance of:



There are still some unpaid bills and a few more anticipated expenses, but we have revised our anticipated final tally downwards from the amount that was expected at SPX 2012.  

This has to do with good luck, in-kind donations, great allies and friends showing up in the nick of time and some wildly creative recycling, repurposing, re-imagining and changes (all for the better) at the very last minute.  (Whew!)


We now predict only* a shortfall of about



*In September we thought losses would come to -$5,000


As of this writing, that is all supposed to come out of the bank of Joyce’s sugar bowl.  She has guaranteed that amount, but could use help raising the rest.  

She’s soliciting requests for college and library gigs, other paid public appearances, offering for sale merch like what was offered as Kickstarter rewards, and she is gratefully accepting outright donations payable to:




                  Estate of Harvey Pekar

                  P.O. Box 18471

                  Cleveland Heights, OH 44118


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