Ocosta PTO Website Advertising

The Ocosta Elementary PTO manages a website at www.ocostapto.digitalpto.com to more effectively communicate with the parents, teachers, students and community.


In order to maintain this important tool we sell monthly advertisings spot on the page to local businesses, individuals or groups for $30.  Compared to cost of advertising in our local newspapers or other media, this is quite a bargain! Plus your ad is interactive where newsprint is not.  Visitors to our site will be able, in one click, to go to your website.


For $30 you receive an ad on the side bar of our home page for 1 calendar month.  We only sell 12 of these special Platinum spots for each month of the year and only allow 1 spot a year per business.  For businesses your ad can have a color picture, title, caption (good for advertising a product or promotion that month) and link to your website or social media page.  For individuals this can be a memorial, tribute or congratulatory ad/message with title, picture, caption and link.


Should you not want to apply for one of the 12 monthly advertising spots or they are filled but want to support the PTO’s website, please fill out the sponsor section at the bottom and send with your corresponding donation .  All supporters of our page will be noted on the Sponsor page of the website the entire year.


The 12 monthly advertising spots are selected on a first come, first served basis.  All pictures, links and wording must be in good taste which will be left to the PTO committee to determine.


Sample Monthly Ad:

         Bob’s Bakery                                                  

  1721 ABC St, Westport



               Just mention this ad for ½                                                          

             Price Cookies all December!

Ocosta PTO Website Advertising Application



Your Name: ____________________Contact Phone: _______________________

Nature of ad (circle one):                 Business Advertising                     Personal Message


Platinum Ad $30 - Only 12 monthly spots available! One per business/person only. First come, First Served.  Includes color picture with Title, caption and/or link to your webpage for one calendar month our home page.  You will also be listed all year on the sponsor page as a Platinum Sponsor with this information.  Do not send $$ now.  If approved you will be contacted for payment and to go over design.


Title: __________________________________________________________________

__________________________________________________________________ Link to website or webpage (optional):_____________________________________

Caption (optional): ____________________________________________________


Description of Picture (if your ad is approved we will get a digital copy of it then):

*Example: Picture of my business.  Bundle of Flowers.  My boat.   My business card.   Picture of Mom.


Preferred Month: _________  2nd Choice: __________   3rd Choice: _________

Gold Sponsor $10

Silver Sponsor $5 - Don’t want an ad but want to show your support? Become a Gold or Silver Sponsor.  Your name, message or business will be listed on our sponsor page all year.  We can even provide a clickable link in your name that can go to the webpage you choose for an additional $1/month.  Send this page with your information and donation to: Ocosta PTO  2580 S. Montesano St  Westport, WA 98595


Name of Sponsor/Business or personal message:__________________________________________________________


*Example: The Smith Family.  Beach Realty.  In Memory of Jane Doe.  GH Garden Club.

Link to website or webpage (additional $12 for year): __________________________________________________________________


Check one:              Gold Sponsor $10    □             Silver Sponsor $5  

                                 Gold Sponsor + link $22  □          Silver Sponsor + link $17  

 Please contact us if you have any questions at ocostapto@yahoo.com