SOCIAL MEDIA bucket list

American Health Lawyers Association Annual Meeting

Boston, Massachusetts -- June 28, 2011

Robert L. Coffield

Flaherty  Sensabaugh Bonasso PLLC

Attending the health care social media focused sessions you gained a better understanding of the role social media plays in your personal and professional life as a health care lawyer. I hope you gained valuable guidance and practical tips on how to better use social media as a part of your practice.  

Listening to presentations and reading written materials is great but actually participating in social media is where you really learn. So, I have prepared this bucket list of social media assignment for you to do after the Annual Meeting when you are back in your office trying to remember the name of delicious or flickr.

Now on with “checking off” your SOCIAL MEDIA bucket list (click on the “blue hyperlinks” for details and assistance):

1.        Watch the Social Media Revolution 2011.

2.        Read Where is Everyone? and The Twitter Trap.

3.        Who would have thought that this would disappear because of this, or this company would file bankruptcy because of this company who then disrupted its own business model because of this. The fact that kids can’t do this anymore makes me think we will have a world without this technology tool.

4.        Read these facts about the average college student from 2008. Think how these have changed during the last 3 years.

5.        If you haven’t already, Create a Facebook profile. If you are reluctant, go read the Facebook Principles (or for the contract lawyers the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities).

a.        Find me (Bob Coffield) and, if you want, send me a Facebook friend request.

b.        Search for an old friend on Facebook that you have lost contact with over the years.

c.         Find the AHLA Facebook Group page and join.

d.         For fun - watch Facebook In Reality.

6.        Create a Twitter account and start listening and tweeting. (Tips on creating a good Twitter username).

a.        Find @BobCoffield, @HealthBlawg, and @Gary_L_Kaplan and follow us. If you do we may follow you back.

b.        Find @HealthLawyers and follow them.

c.        Browse the Twitter Health Interest List and follow a few Twitter feeds that interest you. For example: @HHSGov, @ONC_HealthIT, @OIGatHHS, @amednews, @nytimeshealth, @HealthSocMed, etc.

d.         Participate in the #HCSM Twitter chat on Sundays at 8pm CST or the #PrivChat privacy Twitter chat every Tuesday at 12 noon EST.

e.         Run a few searches on Twitter Search. Search for your major clients and see whether anyone is saying anything about them on Twitter.

f.        If you still don’t get it, watch Twitter in Plain English explained by Common Craft and check out Twitter for Lawyers.

7.        Look up Peter Leibold on Linked In and add him to your Linked In network. Search for the American Health Care Lawyers in the Linked In Groups Directory and join the group.

8.        See if your local hospital (or hospital clients) has a social media presence. If they have a Twitter or Facebook page follow them.

9.        Look up your own physician to see what others have said about him or her and then find another doctor. While you are there go look at your own profile to see if it is accurate and  then claim your profile. Next Google yourself and see what the world is saying about you.

10.        Go read the Social Life of Health Information, 2011, a research study by Pew Internet and American Life Project. Read the blog post about the study and consider leaving a comment on what you found interesting. Share some of your insight as a health care lawyer.

11.        Read the story of David Carroll who was an unknown artist until he became a social media superstar with United Breaks Guitars. Think about this happening to one of your clients. Go watch the Pink Glove Dance: The Sequel to see the power of health care social media.

12.        Learn the basics of how to use Google Docs, SlideShare, Prezi, Wordle, or other web 2.0 tool you learned about in the session.

13.        Review my written materials and presentation at this post on my Health Care Law Blog.

Note: If all or some of these links are “blocked” by your law firm or employer go talk to them about what you learned during the social media sessions and the risks associated with ignoring social media. If they say we don’t have a social media policy go check out this Social Media Policy Database Resource (if you are looking for health care specific social media polices check here).  

My social media contact information:

Robert L. Coffield

Flaherty Sensabaugh Bonasso PLLC

Charleston, West Virginia


Twitter: @BobCoffield


Special thanks to David Harlow and Gary Kaplan for

assisting with the hands on social media session:

David Harlow

The Harlow Group LLC

Newton Massachusetts


Twitter: @HealthBlawg


Gary L. Kaplan

Thorp, Reed, Armstrong LLP

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Twitter: @Gary_L_Kaplan