Dear Parents or Guardians,

Jefferson County Public Schools in partnership in Jefferson County Public Library (JCPL) is beginning a drive to get every Jeffco student a JCPL card.  This partnership includes information about the student’s local library, coordination of research needs between the public and school library, access to the public libraries summer reading program and a host of other advantages.  Our hope is to introduce students to the public libraries as a life-long learning resource; this is a voluntary program and will not impact students’ grades or evaluation in any way.

Jeffco Schools is facilitating this process for JCPL so the card is from the public library not the school library.

        Benefits of your student owning a library card:

By signing and returning this letter to your school, you are allowing your student to obtain a JCPL library card and agreeing to the following statement.  If you have any questions, please contact your school’s Teacher Librarian.

By submitting this form I accept responsibility for all materials borrowed and/or all costs incurred.  I will report theft or loss of the card or change of address to the library immediately.  I understand that this card can be revoked at any time by Jefferson County Public Library.  I understand information about my library card may be shared with other Colorado Library Card libraries at their request if my card is used outside the Jefferson County Public Library system.

JCPL Policy on “Your Child’s Card”

Children under the age of 17 must have a parent’s or guardian’s signature to get a card.  By signing the application for a library card, the parent agrees to be financially; responsible for charges on that card.  If both parents wish access to the child’s library record, both names must be on record.

All available information on the record of a child under 8 years old will be shared with the parent(s) who signed the application.  The parent has  access to the number of books out, the titles, the due date, fees owed, other charges, and any other information in the child’s circulation record.

If a child is 8 through 16 years old, the parent is entitled to information about overdue items and other charges on the child’s card, but we do not give out titles of items not overdue.

Once an individual is 17 years old, the library does not require parental permission to get a library card.  The individual has full rights to privacy and responsibility for that card.  We are not allowed to give out any information to anyone else, except by written permission of the cardholder or by court order.  The Library does not hold the parent(s) financially responsible for charges on the card after age 17.

We will share electronically on the information listed about your student with JCPL.  This is what you have provided the school and is for JCPL’s application:

Name – Mailing Address – City – County - Zip– Home Phone – Birth date

Please print your student’s full name: ________________________________________________

                                                          (last name, first name, middle)

Please print the parent/guardian name: _______________________________________________

  Yes, please forward my student’s name, mailing address, city, county, zip, and birth date to JCPL so that my    

     student may have a JCPL card.

  No, my student already has a JCPL card.

  No, I do not wish my student to have a JCPL card.

Student Signature ______________________________________________ Date ________________

Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________