Welcome to Digital Art and Design

Mr. Levin

Room 105

Animo Locke #1 College Prep Academy


Office Hourse: 7-7:45am Mon/Thurs

Note: Syllabus subject to change.

Who is Mr. Levin?

Mr. Levin graduated from UCLA in 2009 and is starting his fourth year teaching at Locke.  He has taught Algebra II, Geometry, Yearbook and Digital Art and he is happy to help support students wherever they need help (especially in math).  In addition to digital art and design, Mr. Levin leads the yearbook staff in the creation of the school’s yearbook and works alongside Ms. Zhen with the Student Council.  Outside of school Mr. Levin enjoys travelling (to practice Spanish), playing guitar and snowboarding.

Why are we here?

In order to be better prepared for the 21st century, it is important that you have the skills and preparation to feel comfortable in learning and using new technologies as they are constantly changing and improving.  Almost all jobs now require some basic understanding of computer.

How will we learn?

Through a series of projects and activities, we will create and design a variety of pieces that will develop your critical thinking and technological abilities.

What will it look like?

Typing: Each day you enter class, we will start off the period with a Typing Practice.  This will change from time to time, but the goal remains to develop your typing speed to 40 WPM and beyond.

Web Design:  Through WordPress you will create and manage your own digital portfolio blog.  There may be reflections, writing prompts or other activities.  This is how you will publish your work for credit and to share it with others.

Course Summary:

Digital Design Projects  - Typing, Web Design, Blogging, Programming, Photography, Photo Editing, Graphic Design and more!

Unit Themes - Identity, Creative Computing, Pop Culture, Capitalism and Consumerism, Confronting Injustice, Art History, Art as a Tool for Social Action, and more!

Classroom Expectations:         Work Hard, Be Nice.

Discipline yourself so that no one else has to.           - John Wooden

*All school rules apply in Room 105

**Electronics Policy** - No personal electronics may be visible during class time.  Exception: You may have headphones plugged directly into your computer.  You may not have those headphones on or visible during the remainder of the school day.

How to get extra help - The lab will be open before school on Monday and Thursdays.  Also, you can speak with Mr. Levin to schedule a time that works for you.  Mr. Levin can also be contacted through e-mail at jlevin@locke1.com

For Parents/Guardians:  Please note that your students will be publicizing their work on the Internet, accessing e-mail and by creating their own website.  Please feel free to come by the lab and have your students show you what they are working on.  If you have any questions or concerns please let me and your student know.

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