OpenStreetMap Foundation
 Team Formation meeting

July 15th, 2011


Present: Richard Weait, Mikel Maron, Oliver Kühn, Henk Hoff

Apologies: Steve Coast, Ivan Sanchez Ortega

Agenda & Minutes

Minutes previous meeting


Meeting formalities

- We need to announce the forming of the Management Committee to OSMF-talk >> CWG

- Also announce this on general-talk list. (>> CWG) Moderation should divert discussion to OSMF-talk list

- Responding to possible feedback on announcement >> CWG

- Setting up management - mailgroup >> Secretary

- WG’s check on their description in responsibility document >> WG’s (Secretary will send out info)

- Meetings will be bi-weekly, starting on the July 27th on 6pm CET. Time is still up for adjustment to accommodate all participants.


The moderators of the mailing lists operate independently. If there are disputes about decisions of the moderator, the CWG can be asked to mediate. The moderators are not acting on behalf of the CWG.

Next meeting

Wednesday July 27th, 4pm UTC, dail-in