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Network agreement for students
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Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation

Network and Internet Access Agreement for Students

Access to the Internet enables students to explore thousands of libraries, databases, and other resources. The corporation expects faculty to blend thoughtful use of the Internet throughout the curriculum and provide guidance and instruction to students in its use. Access to Internet resources will be structured in ways that point students to those evaluated prior to use. However, students will be able to move beyond those resources to others not previewed by staff. Outside of school, families bear responsibility for the same guidance of Internet usage as they exercise with other information services.

Students utilizing corporation provided Internet access must first have the permission of and must be supervised by Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation's professional staff. Students utilizing school-provided Internet access are responsible for good behavior on-line just as they are in a classroom or other area of the school. The same general rules for behavior and communications apply.

The purpose of corporation-provided Internet access is to facilitate communications in support of research education. To remain eligible as users, students' use must be in support of and consistent with the educational objectives of Mt. Vernon Community Schools (MVCSC). Access is a privilege, not a right. Users should not expect that files stored on school-based computers will be private. Electronic messages and files stored on school-based computers may be treated like school lockers. Administrators and faculty may review files and messages to maintain system integrity and insure that users are acting responsibly.

The intent of this agreement is to ensure that students will comply with all Network and Internet acceptable use policies approved by the Corporation.

In exchange for the use of the Network resources either at school or away from school, the student understands and agrees to the following:

  1. The use of the Network is a privilege, which may be revoked by the Corporation at any  time and for any reason. Appropriate reasons for revoking privileges include, but are not limited to, altering system software, placing unauthorized information, computer viruses or harmful programs on or through the computer and/or network. MVCSC reserves the right to log computer use, monitor file server space, remove files, limit or deny access, and refer the student for other disciplinary actions.
  2. The Corporation reserves all rights to any material stored in files and will removed any material which the corporation, at its sole discretion, believes may be unlawful, obscene, pornographic, abusive, or otherwise objectionable. Students will not use their corporation-approved computer account to obtain, view, download, or otherwise gain access to, distribute, or transmit such materials.
  3. All information and services and features on Corporation resources are intended for the private use of its registered users and any use of them for commercial-for-profit or other unauthorized purposes (i.e. advertisements, political lobbying) is expressly forbidden.
  4. The corporation resources are intended for the exclusive use of their registered users. The student is responsible for use of his/her account and password and privileges. Any problems arising from the use of the student's account are the responsibility of the account holder. Use of an account by someone other than the registered account holder is forbidden and may be grounds for loss of access privileges.
  5. Any misuse of the account will result in suspension of the account privileges and/or other disciplinary action determined by MVCSC. Misuse shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Intentionally seeking information on, obtaining copies of, or modifying files, other data, or passwords belonging to other users;
  2. Disrupting the operation of the Network, Internet, or any other computer system through abuse of or vandalizing, damaging, or disabling the hardware or software;
  3. Malicious use of the network through hate mail, harassment, profanity, vulgar statements, or discriminatory remarks;
  4. Interfering with others use of the network or accessing the materials, information, or files of another without their prior approval;
  5. Use for non-curriculum communication such as, but not limited to instant messaging and online chatting. Responding to unsolicited on-line contact is strictly prohibited for student safety;
  6. Unauthorized installation, downsizing, copying, or use of licensed or copyrighted software or plagiarizing materials;
  7. Misrepresenting others on the network or allowing anyone else to use an account other than the account holder;
  8. Accessing, uploading, downloading, or distributing pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit material;
  9. Violating any local, state, or federal statute;

  1.  Corporation and network resources are to be used exclusively for the support of the academic program, not for entertainment.
  2. Students bringing data files into the system agree to check the file with a virus- detection program before opening the file for use. Should the student deliberately or maliciously infect the network with a virus or cause damage through other vandalism, the student will be liable for any and all repair costs to restore the network to full operation and will be subject to additional disciplinary measures.
  3. The student may only log on and use the network under the immediate supervision of staff member and only with the student's authorized log-in.

Violation of corporation policy and rules will result in appropriate suspension of computer access to be determined by MVCSC staff. Additional disciplinary action will be determined at the building level in keeping with existing procedures and practices regarding inappropriate language or behavior. When or where applicable, law enforcement agencies may be involved.

MVCSC makes no warranties of any kind, neither expressed nor implied, for the network/Internet access it is providing. The corporation will not be responsible for any damages users suffer, including-but not limited to-loss of data resulting from delays or interruptions of service. The corporation will not be responsible for the accuracy, nature, or quality of information.

MVCSC will make all reasonable attempts to prevent inappropriate access to students' personal information through the Internet. The corporation's intent is to make Internet access available for educational goals and objectives. However, students may find ways to access other materials as well. Even though the corporation institutes technical methods or systems to regulate students' Internet access, these methods cannot guarantee compliance with the corporation's acceptable use policy. MVCSC believes that the benefits to students of access to the Internet exceed any disadvantages. The corporation is committed to helping students use the Internet responsibly, but it is not possible to monitor student usage at all times. Ultimately, parents and guardians of minors are responsible for setting and conveying the standards that their children should follow when using media and information. Therefore, MVCSC will provide parents and guardians the option of requesting for their minor children alternative activities not requiring Internet use.

Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation

Network and Internet Access Agreement for Students

I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of system usage provided by MVCSC and to those which may further be added from time to time by the corporation and will be provided to me at that time. These rules will also be available in hardcopy form in the principal's office.

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As the student's parent or legal guardian, I agree to his acceptance of MVCSC policies regarding network/Internet usage and agree to pay for any fees, expenses, or damages incurred as a result of my child's deliberate, illegal, or malicious use of or damage to the network. I understand that parental refusal to allow students to make use of the Internet does not prohibit students from taking part in state and locally mandated testing and evaluation on the computer or through the network (e.g. ISTEP+, Core 40 exams, and NWEA testing).

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