To receive a wine achievement, you need to blend a wine that will be recognized as a "secret recipe".  These recipes may consist of blends from only one varietal grape to as many a 5 different grapes.  Some recipes may allow other grapes to also be in the blend,  or may not.   That is the fun of finding a secret recipe on your own.   For those that want to know the recipes right away,  there is a section in this wiki for the special blends along with a spoiler alert.

What happens between trophy levels Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platnium:

If you are working from one trophy to the next, the "achievement" screen will not come up for the recipe, but the next trophy will start "filling" from gray to purple...Note that in the picture, for the Dead Zin, it is almost to the next trophy!

Number of grapes in barrel makes no difference... A barrel with 1 Barbera and no other grapes in it counts as 1 achievement unit...  A barrel with 36 Barbera's in it counts as 1 achievement unit... They count the same... no difference...

In case the achievement window does not pop up and you want to verify that you had a recipe:

To help VERIFY when you do get a recipe... as the achivements awards is sometimes hit or miss and in between trophies the recipe is not mentioned UNLESS:

  1. When "magazine page" comes up with rating... Click "Share"
  2. When the popup comes up with the message to be published, the recipe name will be listed as (recipe name) in the text of the rating/tasting notes message just like it did in the old days!   If it's not there, it is not a recipe blend...
  3. Just click "Skip" and do not publish the message... Or "Publish" if you want to brag to you friends.