Professional Digital Portfolio

The Endeavor House is so blessed to have 30 iPad2s and 15 desktop computers!  In a progressive learning environment, most (not all) learning is positively impacted through the use of technology.  As students develop their digital footprint, we have discussed over and over the importance of creating a positive image of ourselves online.  As a result, students will be creating four different parts to their digital footprint under our guidance.  Three of these parts will be public and one part is private.  Per our Pulaski Community School District technology agreement, no names will ever be included next to pictures.


Students will be using Blogger as their hub for creativity and reflection on concepts that are studied in classes.  Ask them about their specific web address so that you can see some of the things being learned about in our classrooms.  

Our classroom blogs are: and

YouTube Channel

We understand that YouTube may have some inappropriate items on it.  We are not interested in that!  We are interested in all of the positive learning situations that are present on that site.  You are always welcome in our classrooms, but if you can’t make it, we have uploaded close to 100 videos that demonstrate what we are learning.  Students will be creating their own professional YouTube Channel as a means of celebrating their learning!  Please visit our school’s YouTube Channel to view all the great things we are doing in our classes...


Our Twitter channels will be used for quick recordings of items we learned throughout the year.  The Endeavor House has a twitter feed!  Feel free to follow us at...


This is a private site used by our counseling department so that students can build a PRIVATE path toward high school, college, and professional success.  Students will be taking surveys which help guide them to a potential career path. You will be seeing and discussing this powerful tool when you and your son/daughter meet with one of the guidance counselors for their Individual Planning Conference.  These can be scheduled the nights of conferences or by calling PCMS.  You can also have your child share this site with you at any time from home.  Just have your son/daughter log in!

Please know we are teaching your son/daughter to be digitally responsible and professional while on these websites.  

We sincerely thank each and every one of you for your support.  We are taking learning into the 21st Century, and we couldn’t do that without your enthusiastic, inquisitive children.  

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