Universal Human Experience

A year-long exploration into what makes us collectively human.

To understand ourselves better, we must understand others. Around the world - in cities, in mansions, in slums, on reservations, on farms, on welfare - people are born, eat, sleep, and pass away. However, these needs and events alone are not what make us human. In this class, you will choose an experience that you think every human being shares and use this topic as a lens for our entire curriculum and year.

To keep track of your ideas, you will keep a UHE Journal through the year, and, when you write longer pieces, you will make your thoughts a part of the collective digital community through a blog you maintain.

Term 1

Choose a Universal Human Experience and explain why you chose it

     - parameters: 3 paragraphs, around 250 words

After reading Macbeth, explain how your universal human experience applies to the play. How does it help shed light on particular characters/ideas/themes? Create an argument about your UHE and try to persuade the reader to understand your point. Assume they know a little about Macbeth, but be clear with what information and context you provide.

     - parameters: 3-4 paragraphs, around 300-500 words, no first-person in final draft

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4