Pinellas Kayak Rentals, LLC Agreement


Includes Kayak, Paddles and Life Vests

One Day: 30 Hour Rental Period                                  Qty ______              Kayak         $75.00     $______________

Delivery 9:00-11:00AM                                                   Qty ______              Tandem $85.00      $______________

Pickup 4:30-5:30PM (Following Day)

 2-Additional Days: _________________                  Qty ______              Kayak         $25.00      $______________

                                                                                             Qty ______             Tandem  $40.00     $______________

Campsite # _____________________                                           Grand Total                      $ ______________


Notice:  You are responsible for the kayak, life vest and paddles from the time they are delivered to your campsite until the time they are scheduled to be picked up from your campsite.  YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR LOST OR MISSING EQUIPMENT AS WELL AS DAMAGES BEYOND NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR. $400 Kayak, $25 Vest, $25 Paddles

Boat: __________________________________              Gear: ___________________________________

                    I/We hereby certify that I/We will be using the kayak that I/We have rented, are capable swimmers, and that I/We are also aware to wear the life vests at all times while in the kayak in accordance with Florida Law.  I am/We are also aware that there are natural dangers to kayaking in Florida, including sunburn, bugs, snakes, sharks, sting rays, and oyster beds.  I/We agree to hold harmless Pinellas Kayak Rentals, it’s owners, employees, and agents, from any and all liability resulting from any accident and/or injury associated with the rental described above.  I/We have read the rental rates and conditions and agree to abide by them.  I/We understand the proper usage of a kayak and will be responsible for damages other than normal wear and tear.  This includes damages done by dragging over

oyster beds, concrete and asphalt surfaces.



Date and Time Kayak Out _________________________________ Initials __________

Date and Time Kayak In         _________________________________ Initials ___________

Name ____________________________________  Cell Phone ____________________

Address _________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip  ___________________________________________________________

Drivers License  __________________________________________________________

Credit Card Number (Visa, Master Card)  _____________________________________

Security Code   ______________   Exp Date ____________________

                                                                                                                                            PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WEATHER.


                                                                                                      Rules, Regulations and Waiver of Liability Agreement


Ft DeSoto Park/Pinellas Kayak Rentals LLC 

My signature below confirms that I understand and agree to comply with the following “Rules and Regulations” for kayak rental in Ft DeSoto Park.  I also understand that this activity may involve some risks, that I am liable for loss and damage to rental equipment and for the personal safety of the occupants.  I therefore agree that I am assuming all risks in connection with my participation in renting kayaks from Pinellas Kayak Rentals LLC at Ft DeSoto Park.

·             At least one person is a tandem must be 18 years of age.

·             Kayak Ft DeSoto at your own risk: County staff, volunteers and Pinellas Kayak Rentals LLC are not responsible for personal injury or loss of property.

·             Florida law requires that children under 6 years of age MUST wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD).  All others must have a PFD in their possession.

·             All individuals must know how to swim and MUST be wearing a PFD.

·             Intentional capsizing or swamping is prohibited.

·             Equipment will not be removed from Ft DeSoto Park.

·         No Alcoholic beverages are permitted in Ft DeSoto Park.

·         All individuals must adhere to Florida Marine laws

  As a condition of my participation, I further agree, represent and warrant Pinellas Kayak Rentals LLC that:

1.           I have sufficient physical strength, endurance and experience to enable me to participate.

2.           I do not have any health problems or medical conditions that might prejudice my participation.

3.           I will follow instructions given to me by any persons conducting the activity, including wearing life preservers or similar protective equipment.

4.           I also know that the activity could be dangerous, and I will take appropriate precautions to minimize the possibility of injury to others and myself.

I understand that Pinellas County and Pinellas Kayak Rentals LLC are relying on these statements in allowing me to participate in the activity.  I also understand that by signing below, I am releasing the Dept of Environmental Management, Pinellas County, Pinellas Kayak Rentals LLC and their respective officers, employees, and agents from any liability for personal injury or property damage if I, or anyone under my control, is injured or property is damaged, whether before, during, or after participating in the activity, which means, I am agreeing not to sue them if anything happens to me or my property.

By signing below, I am also agreeing to indemnify and hold them harmless from and against any claim, damage, loss, cost, expense or other liability (including, without limitation their attorney’s fees and costs of defense) in the event a claim is made against one or more of them as a result of my participation of the activity.

Emergency Contact: ___________________________  Phone Number: ______________________________

_______________________________________________                          _____________________________

Signature                                                                                                                      Date

______________________________________________                     _____________________________

______________________________________________                            _____________________________