Transposition for Lab B

Please. Come on a little faster, a little faster. How are you guys doing this morning? Good Come on now, what how are you guys doing? Good All right today we are. My name is Ms. Turner and today what we are going to do is learn the wounded duck ok. For the rules I want to go over the rules for the class first. Number one is be safe. Today we are going to be using jump ropes, so we can hit each other and its going to hurt. So I want you guys to be at least five to ten feet apart. Um, just be aware of everyone around you. I want you to be respectful to each other, yourselves, to me and the equipment okay. And I also want you guys to have fun more than anything because why are we here in class today? To have fun. Ok today what activity we are going to do is the wounded duck. The cues are toes in and toes out. Now I have a question for you. Who has seen the movie Happy Feet? Looks like most of you guys have, okay. How do they, how do they look? They look like this, the penguins do right when they walk. Can everyone do that for me? Toes in. There you go Kyle good job. Okay, and how has watched the cartoon with Daffy Duck or Donald Duck? Okay, they walk like this right? Everybody do it for me? Okay, today we are going to pretend that we are Happy Feet, and that we are Donald or Daffy, Daisy Duck. You can pick. Okay what we are going to do is I am going to demonstrate the wounded duck first without the jump rope. It’s going to be the cues are toes in so you are going to jump like this. And toes out you are going to jump like this okay. Toes in and toes out. Can everyone do that for me? Without your jump ropes, put your jump ropes down. Ok step back and let’s try it. Toes in toes out, toes in toes out, toes in toes out. Looks like everybody’s got it. Do you guys want to try it with a jump rope now? Yeah Alright. So can I have five of you on this first white line please? Five of you on this back line. And the rest that’s left on this white line. Okay, so I’ll demonstrate it first with the jump rope. Everybody eyes on me. Okay so we are just jumping. We are going to go toes in toes out, toes in toes out, toes in toes out. Does everyone understand what that looks like? Yes? Yes Okay, I want you guys to try it okay and I will come around and give you guys feedback. Way to go Emily, good job, toes in toes out. Good job Dan. We have got so Daffy, Donald and Daisy Ducks around here. Toes in toes out, toes in toes out, toes in toes out, toes in toes out. There you go, there you go. Let’s see it Brendon. Toes in toes out, toes in toes ok. There you go. It’s okay you’ll get it don’t worry about it. Toes in toes out. Just keep working on it and you’ll be fine. Max, good job Justin. Let’s see it Steph. Okay go ahead Devin. There you go, okay can I have Devin would you mind volunteering in front of the class? And Emily would you mind? Okay go ahead remember the cues are toes in toes out. There you go, do you see how Emily’s toes are pointed inward and then outward? Good job Devin. Does everybody want to try that one more time for me, and we will see how fast we can go. I’m going to put some music on and see if you can get it to the downbeat of the music. Okay? Okay we are not going to do that. We are just going to go and see how fast we can do it okay. So on my count we will start alright? On three. One, two, three. Let’s see if you guys can go faster than I can. Or to the music, let’s go to the music. Okay that’s alright, try again. Good job Steph. Okay, I need you to stop swinging that around it isn’t safe. Good job. Pat I need you to stay in the same spot. Alright can I have everyone bring it in over here for me? Little hustle, everybody a little hustle. Okay now can I have one person tell me what the first cue is? Toes in. Toes in very good, and what was the last cue? Toes out. Okay now did everyone have a good time today? Yeah Okay I’m glad. I just want you guys to keep practicing this and we are going to work on another one tomorrow. So good job today guys.