Team Volunteer Roles

COACH: Sets up and runs training and practices for the team. Is responsible for the conduct of players, parents and others associated with the team at all practices and games.

ASSISTANT COACH: Gives assistance to, and can substitute for, the head coach as needed.

TEAM MANAGER: As the Coach's administrative partner, handles team organizational needs so the Coach can be free to coach. Coordinate parent volunteer assignments and refreshment schedules, handle communications with players' families, prepare team rosters, etc.

REFEREE (Center): The official in charge of the match at every game. The Referee's #1 job is to keep the game as safe as possible for the players.

ASSISTANT REFEREE (Linesperson): The Assistant Refs are responsible for signaling when the ball has gone out of bounds by crossing the line. They also signal direction of play and offside (in U10 & above).

PICNIC IN THE PARK PLANNING COMMITTEE: DIFFERENT FROM PREVIOUS YEARS – Each division will plan a booth or two for Picnic in the Park.  This person is your team’s representative to that Planning Committee to decide what your division should do, and help organize what is needed to make it happen.


PRACTICE CHAPERONE: Person must be the same gender as the players.  Attends all practices and accompanies players to the restroom as necessary.


TEAM PHOTOGRAPHER: Take action photos of the ALL the teams to post on the region’s website.


TEAM EVENT COORDINATOR: Coordinate the end of season party in which most teams hand out pictures and trophies and any mid-season get-togethers: team breakfast, bowling party, swim party, etc.

TRANSLATION: Translate English/Spanish documents or contact Spanish-speaking families by phone or e-mail with team or region information.


Rather than helping out only with one particular team, parents may choose to take on a role that benefits your division or the region as a whole.  Many roles can be done from home on your own time.  Here are a select few:

COACH ADMINISTRATION: Help organize coach training and certification tracking.  

COMMUNICATIONS, PR & WEBSITE: Assist with the dissemination of information concerning Regional activities, the relations between the Region and the community and the promotion of Regional activities through the media.  And/or contribute articles/information to the AYSO Region 20 website as a section editor so that information is current and of interest to our region.

DIVISION COMMISSIONER/DC ASSISTANCE: Responsible for the operation of their respective divisions.  They recruit the coaches for their Division with the help of the RCA and oversee team formation and scheduling.  If there is already a Division Commissioner, you can assist that person in various administrative capacities.

EXECUTIVE BOARD/SENIOR STAFF MEMBER: Responsible for the Region's operation, the board meets monthly to set policy & procedures.  (see “Volunteering” on website for list of positions)

FIELD MANAGEMENT:  Assist with any field-related needs including weekly field lining (Fridays or very early Saturday morning); assessing fields on Saturday mornings for usage, ensuring that equipment is properly stored & organized throughout the season, and assessed for safety.  Or, help measure, layout & paint the fields at the beginning of the season for several days.  Or, help move goals from one field to another at the beginning and end of the season.

FUNDRAISING & FINANCE: Help solicit sponsors for our region or other methods of raising funds.   Or help with financial administrative functions, such as tracking expenses.

REFEREE ADMINISTRATION: Assist with organizing referee training, certification tracking, referee scheduling or other related tasks as needed.

REGISTRATION & OUTREACH: Help publicize SM AYSO to underrepresented & underprivileged communities in the region for the next season during the latter half of the calendar year & in January.  Or help with administrative functions, such as tracking refunds or registration fees.

SPIRIT STORE: Assist with inventory and ordering of spirit wear and their distribution at Picnic in the Park Day.  Or help design new merchandise ideas.

SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION: Help support the coaches and parents with use of the website & sports league system.  Support the Webmaster & the board with special queries that may require customized reports or databases.


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