The question completion status indicator gives students the ability to track progress while taking a test in Blackboard.  Once any answers are saved, the question completion indicator is updated to show which questions have been completed.  This is a useful way to avoid skipping or submitting unanswered questions.

  1. To display the Question Completion Status, students must first click on the Question Completion Status link.

  2. Once expanded, each question is represented by its number.  Questions listed with a plain white background are unanswered or unsaved.  Questions with a grey background and dog-eared paper icon are saved and completed.

  1. If the assessment is set to display questions one-at-a-time, answered questions are saved and the status box is updated automatically as students navigate between questions.  Unanswered questions will not be saved.  If backtracking is allowed, students can use the indicator to quickly navigate between questions.