OpenStreetMap Foundation

Licensing Working Group

  Tuesday 17th April 2012

18:00 - 19:12 GMT

Agenda & Minutes


Present: Simon Poole, Dermot McNally, Michael Collinson, Henk Hoff, Richard Weait, Grant Slater

Apologies: Oliver

Minutes by: Michael

1. Adoption of Minutes of last meetings

The LWG last met April 10th for a long-form meeting.

Proposed: Simon

Seconded: Richard


2. MATTERS ARISING (open action items from previous meetings)

  • Grant - Get a license and attribution page link as an XML Comment into these APIs: Rails API. (should be complete soon)
  • Mike -  combine Bing Imagery License comments as a succinct list for forwarding to Microsoft legal.
  • Mike - Incorporate into foundation landing page
  • Mike - Provide text to Grant re and friends in Sept 20th minutes. ?OS or linking to attribution page or both? … liaise with CWG 
  • Grant - DMCA address needs updating
  • Mike - Thank pavel for kindly agreeing to use the bulk of his contributions.
  • Mike - liaise with Richard Fairhurst re Tile cache issues (email sent)
  • Simon - gather information on Microsoft Germany military site blurring issue.

3. Finalise today's agenda

4.  Contact and re-map

Global picture:

  • Older contributor acceptances now 65,110 - an slower increase of 290 over last week, declines up to 411.
  • Nodes that will likely not survive the license change are down from 19.16M to 17.72 [1]
  • Ways which may have to be completely deleted are down from 1.43M to 1.26M [2]
  • Problematic relations down from 36.76K to 35.56K [2]
  • 3M objects from Poland have been marked clean … roughly 90% of existing Polish data is now safe. Our thanks to members of the Polish UMP and OSM communities who have made this possible.



Lost mappers project (if anything):

Slowed down, about 1 per day still coming.

6. Technical Rebuild

Progress and issues

Dermot reports that a number of  test cases  are not passing yet. Matt is still working on the code for these.


LWG has no particular message to give but urges that public updates be made.

7. Hall of Shame

Apple -

Henk reported that the reason the board has taken the issue away from LWG as they felt that LWG was not being properly responsible to the board on this issue.

Microsoft -

Monitoring ongoing. Still an issue in German community.

8. AOB

Next Meeting:

Tuesday Apr 24th 18:00 UTC / 19:00 BST(UK) / 20:00 CEST