weekly message from Mrs. Swiney.

Hello DCS art kids….

with all that has happened, art is the place to take yourself and get away to create.

Here are a few ideas to get the week started in art class.

Send me any artwork you complete this week and I will post it here on my webpage!! Just send a picture of art, your name and grade. I look forward to seeing your work!!



Activity OR a self portrait (+template), OR  create something amazing using glue

Roll A Monster drawing and color it, too

YOU ART using  DECODER sheet


Write a glue song to the tune of African Noel ,

Sing a song about Color/ Color Song OR Label notes on the staff 

Listen to The Lines song.  Write down the types of lines to know.


Pretend you are the teacher and give your students the talk about Glue.

Make Hand Puppets and use them to introduce yourself, tell a story or retell Monsters Love Colors.

Turn off the sound on the recording and read the book out loud, stand up, act out the motions of the lines.


Paint like Bob Ross OR Watch a Bob Ross video OR

$1.99  Bob Ross printables

Sidewalk Chalk OR Gratitude Gallery OR design your dream home

Color a Frida Catlo, Examples


Write a Bob Ross song to the tune of African Noel , OR Learn a goofy song.

Sing along to the Copy Cat Rap

Learn a Mexian Folk Song


Pretend you are Bob Ross and begin to create a masterpiece (of any sort). Talk to the audience while you work.

Pretend you are Tommy, and teach us an art lesson as you are creating your art from above.

Use your cat artwork as a puppet to tell about Frida’s life. Use expression!

For Parents


Pick one extension activity OR make an all about me CRAYON

Dog Shape Craft OR Dog Masks, printables OR More

Dot Activities OR More 


Learn this Crayon Rap

Go to youtube for  these songs, and learn one.

Video to sing along to, Lyrics 


Complete an extension activity that you can perform

Use your mask to act out this story or one you make up.

Pick a favorite story of yours and read (have the characters speak with an accent) or sing it to parents.

Hope you enjoy a few activities during your time at home. Love you all! Mrs. Swiney

Calendar of Virtual Field Trips for Families

March/April 2020

(Just click on the blue words and then click on the link that appears below the words.)







San Diego Zoo



The Louvre in France - Egyptian Antiquities



The Great Wall of China



Boston Children’s Museum



Canadian Egg Farm



Guggenheim Museum, New York


Live Webcams from the Georgia Aquarium


Mars (Google)

Mars (NASA)


Yellowstone National Park - visit several locations in the park.


Hubble Control Center - Lobby

Hubble Control Center- Operations Room


Daily activities (weekdays only):

Calendar of Virtual Field Trips for Families

April 2020


How Science Powers Us - Tour of a pharmaceutical lab


Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (Museum at Home videos)


The Louvre in France - The Apollo Gallery


Discover Hawaii (takes a bit to load so please be patient)


Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah


Future U. - Visit Johnson Space Center and meet Boeing employees


Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida


The National Gallery, U.K


Canadian Apple Orchard


St. Louis Aquarium Galleries


Stanley Black and Decker Makerspace


The Louvre in France - History of the Louvre


Space Shuttle Discovery


Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico


National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.


National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, South Korea


Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Animal Cams


Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii


Soar with Wings - exploring social/emotional health


STEM Careers - Improving Animal Health

Calendar of Virtual Field Trips for Families

May 2020







Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska


Van Gogh Museum, Netherlands


Teaching with Testimony - #strongerthanhate


Polar Bears in the Tundra


Careers that Count - with the NBA


Discover Your HAPPY


Undeniably Dairy-

 Visit a Dairy Farm


J. Paul Getty Museum, California


Yosemite National Park, California


Technology in Agriculture - Feeding the Growing Globe


Celebrate 400 Years of Shakespeare


Dig into Mining


Smithsonian’s National Zoo



Colonial Williamsburg Webcams


Star Atlas - explore over 60,000 stars


Memorial Day


The Great Lakes


Powering the Planet - Renewable Energy


Borneo - The Symphony of the Rain Forest


Ellis Island

** Want more LEGO Challenges - click here for 31 more LEGO challenges  from www.freehomeschooldeals.com

Bingo art, music and pe!!

Pick 5 boxes a day.

Have someone pick a number from 1-30. Draw the image and post on your own art wall at home. You can combine more than one together each day!

How about your own gallery art show. Each picture frame has a prompt. Using any material you want, pencil, crayon or market, take time to create a memory.


How about learning cursive writing!

It is an art form. Practice the letters of your name. Then put each letter together to form your name.

All great artist learn to sign their artwork! Create your own signature look!!

click here for more info

and remember….

If you would like me to post your finished artwork here, email me at


A photo of your artwork, name and grade level.

No pictures of your face, just artwork.

Then I will post here for others to see!

Homemade fun for home life.

And if no sun...use a lamp!

Then use to wash your hands!!!

I think it has to be ivory soap..fyi



Short " how to " videos:



One of my favorite "old" videos I love in Schoolhouse Rock!

Just love the cartoon drawings.

You too can enjoy.

Click ...

Schoolhouse rock

Love you all.

Let's create!

My pups say hi!!

A little info about

Mrs. SWINEY...

I have been teaching elementary art for 21 years

at Dayton city School. I love my job and watching my 750 students

enjoy the process of creating.

I love incorporating children's literature, math and

social studies with art lessons,

 and anything to do with fun, colorful art.

I am a mom to three lovely women ( all grown up!).

I love to see fun projects and mix it up to create a new project.

 If you want to contact me, please call 423775.8414 ext. 7294 or

email me at Swineyne@daytincity.net

Thanks for checking out our art!

Enjoy, Nela Swiney


Great Thoughts.......


I was asked a long time ago to make a sign for school that

said 'a Great Place to Learn'.    At the time I didn’t know if it was…

.but soon I realized that it is but I would like to add more to that quote.

It's a Great Place to Imagine.


I hope you now have realized by now how much

The arts has help with your personal path to imagine the possibilities.


so I ask you to…


Imagine who you want to be.

Imagine what you want the world to be and change it.

Imagine what the world would be like if everything was the same….

same clothes, same houses, same cars, same environment.

Would it be as good as it could be? Could you make it better?


You can be the person who makes a difference in the future and how we all live and work.


 I ask you to think of new solutions to the world's problems.

 Think creatively…think of things other have never thought of….think for yourself.


You are not all the same. You all are unique individuals with worlds of imagination to

 make changes in the future. I challenge you to be the future of wellness

on this planet, of  harmony, of peace,

 of an end to war, of mutual understanding, of equality and of fairness.

If there is a future of peace for humankind, if there is to be an

understanding of how all these things should fit together,

I expect it will come from the artists who imagine the possibilities.


Now with that said….ask yourself….

would I like to be free to make decisions for myself and for my future?

 Do you want choices in life? Do I want to have a say in my future?


You have all the power within yourself…you are free to choose.

Free to imagine all the possibilities the world has to offer…


….as long as you are willing to grab on to one thing that

is given to you freely  from all of your teachers…..

Do you want to know what it is?........….

it’s an education!

2018 theme

Here are our entries for 2018 art contest.

Students work for weeks,
writing and drawing, to create wonderful works of art.
I hope you enjoy!

Click here         

If you would like to make comments about
the students’ work, please email me at


I’m sure they would love to hear from you


Tennessee state winner

Sophia Hicks, 3rd grade, DCS

Click HERE to view the

 2017 Doodle4Google entries

Doodle 4 Google artist..

Find out more at www.doodle4google.com

The following are students selected for Doodle4Google:


Ava Sanders, Ella Kelley


Sophia Hicks, Megan Prince


Emerson Hood, Hunter PRice

Savanna Barnes, Tinsley Walker,Jessica Zheng

Travis Smith, Aiden McRorie, Bella Pereira

Lilyan Saynes, Sophia Gates, Jagger Wesolowski

5th grade:

Ariah McGowan, Julia Owens

Charlotte Brock, Hannah Wilson

6th :

Sophia Cathey, Garrett Hurst, Isabella Holcomb

8th grade:

Nathan Massengill, Cayla Massengill, Erika Mahan, C.J. Tallent

DCS art students participated in the Rhea-dient Holiday Tree Celebration 

For years students in art class created ornaments

to decorate the Christmas trees which was sold to

 benefit the local hospital. Here are a few of them.

What great community service spirit they have!

Also a special THANK YOU to the DCS PTO

for supporting the artists by purchasing supplies.

 christmas tree fish 2010.pngmask tree purple ornage hospitalr.png

    Snowman tree                        Ocean Theme handmade by students          Masks painted by students

christmas tree snowflake 2010.JPGblue dcs christmas tree hospital.png

     Origami Snowflake tree                            DCS blue ornaments all donated by kids.

2012 glass rheaiant christmas tree.png Chihuly look alike tree

Paintings donated to Hospital from students:

wood christmas tree.jpg

All handmade wood ornaments, woven wool garland and burlap tree

2015 hospital tree



2015 Doodle 4 Google Art contest

Aidan McCorie won the Doodle4Google state of Tennessee.





10 things learned in Art

1. The arts teach children to make good judgments

about qualitative relationships.

Unlike much of the curriculum in which correct answers and rules prevail,

in the arts, it is judgment rather than rules that prevail.

2. The arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution

 and that questions can have more than one answer.

3. The arts celebrate multiple perspectives.

One of their large lessons is that there are many

ways to see and interpret the world.

4. The arts teach children that in complex forms of problem solving

 purposes are seldom fixed, but change with circumstance and opportunity.

 Learning in the arts requires the ability and a willingness to surrender

 to the unanticipated possibilities of the work as it unfolds.

5. The arts make vivid the fact that neither words in their literal form nor

numbers exhaust what we can know. The limits of

our language

6. The arts teach students that small differences can have large effects.

7. The arts teach students to think through and within a material.

 All art forms employ some means through which images become real.

8. The arts help children learn to say what cannot be said.

When children are invited to disclose what a work of art helps them feel,

they must reach into their poetic capacities to find the words that will do the job.

9. The arts enable us to have experience we can have from no other source 

and through such experience to discover the range and variety of what we are capable of feeling.

10. The arts' position in the school curriculum symbolizes

to the young what adults believe is important.

SOURCE: Eisner, E. (2002). The Arts and the Creation of Mind, In Chapter 4,

 What the Arts Teach and How It Shows. (pp. 70-92). Yale University Press.


ARTS_ED_e-FLYER_32 page 2.jpg

ARTS_ED_e-FLYER_32 page 2.jpg

Ask yourself the following:

Who created the idea for my car?

Who designed my clothes and shoes?

Who created the movie my family watched last night?

Just because a student loves art,

don’t think there are no Art Jobs!

Take a look at the variety of paying jobs.

Creative people make wonderful employees.

SUPPORT the ARTS in our community!


Accessory Designer

Advertising Director

Aerial Photographer

Airbrush Artist

Antique Specialist

Appliqué Artist



Architectural Graphic Artist

Architectural Writer/Critic

Architecture Teacher

Art Activity Writer

Art Appraiser

Art Book Editor

Art Consultant

Art Coordinator

Art Critic

Art Dealer

Art Director

Art Distributor

Art Historian

Art Insurance Agent

Art Librarian

Art Magazine Editor

Art Researcher

Art Restorer

Art Specialist

Art Supervisor

Art Teacher

Art Teacher Assistant

Art Therapist

Artist in Residence

Artists' Agent

Audio/Visual Designer

Automobile Designer

Background Artist (TV)

Bank Note Designer

Basket Maker

Block Engraver

Book Jacket Designer


Botanical Designer

Calendar Editor


Camera Operator

Candle Maker


Cartographer (mapmaker)



Children's Book Illustrator



Comic Strip Artist

Commercial Photographer

Computer Graphic Artist

Conceptual Artist


Corporate Art Collector

Corporation Photographer

Costume Designer

Court Artist



Curriculum Writer (Art)

Design Consultant



Editorial Art Director

Editorial Illustrator


Environmental Artist

Environmental Designer

Environmental Planner

Equipment Designer

Exhibition Coordinator

Fabric Designer

Fashion Art Director

Fashion Consultant

Fashion Display Director

Fashion Editor/Writer

Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion Photographer

Faux Finish Specialist

Film Animator

Film Developer

Film Editor


Fine Art Photographer

Fine Artist

Floor Covering Designer

Floral Designer

Forensic Artist

Foundry Worker

Furniture Designer

Gallery Assistant

Gallery Director

Gallery Owner

Gallery Photographer

Gem Cutter

Glass Blower


Graphic Arts Technician

Greeting Card Designer

Hair Stylist Designer

Heavy Equipment Designer


Industrial Designer

Interior Decorator

Interior Designer

Jewelry Maker/Designer

Lace Maker

Landscape Designer

Law Enforcement Photographer

Lawyer with Art Specialty


Legal Photographer

Lighting Designer


Lithographic Photographer

Magazine Art Director

Magazine Photographer

Makeup Artist

Manufacturer of Art Materials

Manuscript Illuminator

Marine Architect

Master Printer

Medical Illustrator

Metal smith

Model Builder

Mold Maker

Movie Art Director

Movie Scene Painter

Mural Artist

Museum Curator

Museum Director

Museum Photographer

Museum Photographer

Musical Instrument Maker

Ornamental Metalwork Designer



Parade Float Designer


Photo Researcher

Photo Re-Toucher

Photo Stylist

Photofinisher Specialist


Photographic Engineer

Photography Teacher

Picture Framer


Playground Designer

Police/Court Artist

Portrait Painter or Photographer


Poster Artist


Press Photographer


Private Art Instructor

Product Designer

Product Illustrator

Product Photographer

Promotion Designer

Puppet Designers


Quick Sketch Artist

Retail Store Art Director

Rug Maker

Scenic Artist

School Photographer

Science Fiction Illustrator


Set Construction Worker

Showroom Manager

Sign Painter

Silk Screen Artist


Sketch Artist

Space Planner

Special Effects Artists

Sports Clothing Designer

Sports Equipment Designer

Stage Design

Stained Glass Maker

Stencil Illustrator

Storyboard Illustrator

Tapestry Worker

Tattoo Artist

Teacher's Assistant

Technical Illustrator

Television Art Director

Television Graphic Artist

Text Book Illustrator

Textile Artist

Theatre Set Designer

Theme Park Designer

Tool Designer

Toy Designer


Video Artist

Wall Covering Designer

Transportation Designer

Wardrobe Staff

Web Site Designer

Window Display Designer

Wood Crafter

2014 Tennessee WINNER!!

Doodle 4 Google


Here are the DCS student’s artwork and paragraphs for this year’s Doodle contest.

WE WON the State of Tennessee and Annaliese is going to California for

a chance at $80,000….wow!!!!! Go online and VOTE today!!!


aidin robots.jpg








emily fruit.jpg

hannah world.jpg









 This years Doodle4Google theme is

“My Best Day Ever”...

Here they are, this year’s entries to the Doodle 4 Google contest.

Over 200 students at DCS submitted ideas to me

 in order to work after school for weeks on their final submission.

I am so proud to announce DCS has won two grade divisions in the state of Tennessee of the Doodle4Google art contest. This is our fourth year in a row to take home two places..(we only had four chances to win and we won two of them, how great is that!)

2013 winners

If you would like to email me to let children know

what you think of their accomplishments,

do so at


Peyton Jones

K-3 grade Winner of Tennessee

Playing baseball.


I love baseball. I want to be a pitcher in the Major league.

I have lots of friends on my team and met new friends on other teams.

I like winning but if we lose, we are good sports.

I believe no matter the outcome…it’s just fun to play!

You can view take at look at his winner artwork on the Doodle4Google webpage


Emily Morgan

Sewing Memories

4-5 grade Winner of Tennessee


My best days are learning to sew with my Grandma.

The more she teaches me, the more I learn.

Not many kids learn to sew and spending time creating

something new is so much fun…especially the time with Grandma!

You can view take at look at her winner artwork on the Doodle4Google webpage


Thanks to ALL the students, parents, teachers and faculty that support our art program. We are very proud of our students!

Below are other artists you might enjoy viewing.

Thanks again, Mrs. Swiney

Paige Finch

7th/ Johnson

My best day ever…when there is no more BULLIES!


When I know every child is safe from bullies and everyone becomes friends,

that will be my best day. No child should ever feel alone.

When we all join together and stick-up for one another,

we can say “goodbye to bullies”.

Rosamae Idiong

Moving to a new country



My best day ever was October 2, 2009, the day my new daddy brought me and mommy

to our new home in America.

 Leaving the Philippines was difficult but we are so very happy

 and excited to learn new things.

I love my family and my new home, the U.S.A!

Aiden Jorgenson


Game designer


My best day ever will be when I get a job as a video game designer

so I can create games for all ages. I’d want to make the games

fun and inspiring so they can help bring people together from

around the

world…just to play!!

Andrew Moore





The best day ever was when I went camping and fishing with my Dad.

I caught a fish that was slimy. We played cards in the tent when it was raining.

We packed everything in my Dad’s truck and drove to the

campsite. We had lots of fun!

MaKenzie Lingerfelt

Google Zoo!

3rd / Roberts


Going to the zoo for the first time was so much fun.

I loved all the animals.

 Zoos help protect and take care of animals.

With all the different types of animals at a zoo. it gives me a

chance to take lots of photos to draw my cartoons.

Becca Rogers

Growing flowers makes my day!

3rd / Roberts


My best day is watching my flowers grow. I like to take care of flowers.

I water them and plant more each year. It’s my favorite thing

 to do during the summer when I’m out of school.

Growing flowers makes me happy.

Brayden Grimes

Best day is getting to play and take care of animals.



I know animals make people happy. Animals help people that can’t see or hear.

There are some animals that are not many of them.

 I like to help take care of animals and protect them too from danger.

Brooke Tidwell

But I love her so much



Sometimes, yes my sister is a brat. But the best day ever

was the day we brought her home from the hospital.

I love her so much and she is so cute.

She adds so much love to my family.

Cassie Robins

Imagination starts here.



My best day will be when all my drawings can come to life in stories.

Foxes talk to me, the wise old owl is my teacher and the peacock

dances with me! At the end of the day, we all could race the

cheetah and tiger to catch the sunset.

Cheyanne Fugate

Travel the world



My best day ever will be when I’m able to travel the world and experience different cultures.

My wish is for all people from around the world to have clean water to drink,

clean air to breath, peace, food to eat and good health.

Diva Tran

Seeing the Ocean for the first time



My best day was the first time I visited the ocean.

There were huge waves crashing into the shore as fisherman search for fish.

Best of all, the memories of sitting on the sand with my family

and watching the sunset full of wonderful colors was best of all.

Janna Owens

Flying in the sky.

3rd/ Garrison


My best day would be riding in a hot air balloon.

It would be fun to fly with birds and feel the wind blowing in my hair.

The clouds have lots of different shapes and the air smells very sweet.

Below, at night, the lights would sparkle like stars.

Krystal Headlee


Chasing and Forecasting Tornadoes


My best days will be chasing tornadoes and predicting where they are going.

If I could learn how tornadoes form and track each one,

 I could help save lots of people and their homes.

Leila Jo Harley

Playing with my friends



The best days ever are when I play with my friends.

We love to play ball, go swimming, fishing and playing video games with all my friends.

Sage Johnson

Traveling around the world.




My best day is every day I travel. I hope to explore the globe and experience different cultures.

My goals are to visit India, the Australian outback, play soccer in Brazil ,

view Paris from the sky and join in on an African tribe festival.

Millie shadden

Play in the ocean

7th grade


My best day ever would be going to visit the ocean and swim with dolphins.

Enjoying the sun with my friends and riding waves would be amazing.

I would love to help rebuild homes on the beaches that have been destroyed by a storm.

Nyssa Warren

Spending family time at the Amusement Park



My best day was spending time with my Mom, Dad and brothers riding rides all day.

My favorite is to be carried in a log on the water rides.

We ate popcorn and candy apples.

At the end of the day, we left with colorful balloons.

Raine Harris

My first visit to New York City!

4th/ Dockery


I visited my Uncles and we rode in a subway to NYC! I saw lots of yellow taxis.

 I shopped at a baseball store. There are lots of tall skyscrapers

and I even saw the “big apple” symbol on buildings too.

We ate a huge whole pizza…it was the best!

Tara Mitchell

My best day ever was camping with my friends.



We learned to build a campfire and made natural bird feeders.

We went paddle boating, hiking , swimming and on a bug hunt.

We saw the sunset and the moon rise over the mountains.

I was a great day and I can’t wait to go back!

Allie Millard

Amused at the Amusement Park



My best day was spent at an amusement park enjoying the day with my best friend.

 It is a yearly family tradition to spend our vacations at the park,

riding fun rides, shopping and eating!

Madison Massengill

Space travel



If I get to travel to space, meet an alien and visit a spaceship….

that would be my best day ever!

Arianna Long

My future in theatre



The best day ever will be my acting début on stage. I know it’s important for everyone to have a career. Everyone is born with a talent and mine is acting. It’s all about believing in yourself and developing your gifts. It just takes trust and faith in you.

Ally Belle Arnold

Best day ever is any day with my Family


Any day I can spend with my family is my best day.

My family loves to go to fun places to play and to spend time together.

We love to go on rides, roller skate, fly kites and eat sweets together.

We also love to go play on my grandparents boat too!

Emily Sorrow

When I turn 16!

5th Rios


My best day ever will be my sixteenth birthday.

Not only will it be fun to eat cake and open presents,

I’ll be able to learn to drive. Wow I can’t wait to feel so free.


Anna Belle Tallent

An amusing day with my family




My best day ever was when I experienced fun at an amusement park.

It was such a thrill to ride a roller coaster and Ferris wheel.

I hope every child has the chance to experience a theme park…it’s such an adventure.

Hadley Hammock

Art and nature



How I feel about my best day ever, is the

excitement of exploring nature and the peacefulness it brings.

It makes me feel calm and helps me put my feelings into my drawings.

Nature is fun to draw and watch come back to life each spring!

Tyler Eisenmenger

My first Doodle4Google



My best day  was the first time I entered Doodle contest.

I look forward each year creating and expressing my own ideas through art.

I realized how much thought and time goes into making art.

Most of all, the encouragement of my art teacher helps me believe in my art.

Tripp Massengill

The essence of drumming



Now that you have observed the children's art, keep in mind they have worked for hours on their creations after school and at home. I required them to rework ideas and each Google letter NUMEROUS times. They can trace their own artwork as many time as needed then I have them complete a final piece.

The students’ ideas are theirs…not mine. I aid them in teaching how to draw and mix colors but not in the idea….it’s all them! Also amazing is how each student took time to work with others when needed. For example, some students were not sure about how to draw or create certain items. Students would join together to critique each others ideas and then collaborate on solutions. It was an individual competition, yet students wanted to give advice and aid in any way possible.


When children are given time and opportunity to develop an idea, miracles can happen. The process of creating art must be available to students in order to develop new and exciting ideas. I believe you will be amazed at the amount of work that has gone into their designs. I'm very proud to be given the chance to aid them in their art journey. It is a privileged each day to observe students creating new and exciting ideas which may someday become answers to world problems.

If you would like to contact me to relay any messages to the student's about their art, please email me at






WE WONDoodle 4 Google 2012:

If I could travel in time, I'd visit...




TENNESSEE state Doodle4Google winners:

Congratulations to our own DCS students for their wins in Google's art contest. Each state only has 5 age divisions and we qualified for 4 of those grade levels.....and we won two of them!!!

You can see other artists below and read more about the other children who entered. I am so lucky and proud to teach such creative and wonderful children!!! thanks for suppporting the arts, Mrs. Swiney




K-3 Google WINNER for Tennessee:

Rosamae Idiong 2nd (Mrs. Martin's classroom):

Time travel would give me the chance to learn more about ancient Egypt and the beautiful art. Meeting the great leaders, like the beautiful Queen Cleopatra, would be great!



4-5 Google WINNER for Tennessee:

Aidin Jorgensen 5th (Mrs. Rios's classroom):

Time travel would send me to outer galaxies to study other life forms. I would examine our differences and similarities between earth humans and my outer space discoveries. I would bring back any advancements that could better our Earth and help mankind.






Other DCS students artwork that was submitted to Google in 2012:





Angel Rivera, 8th grade:

I’d travel back in time to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to persuade leaders to understand how fragile the earth is and how destructive pollutants could someday cause our beautiful planet to disappear….as quickly as bubble.

Karrie McClain 8th:

I would go back in time to observe the signing of America’s Declaration of Independence. This American symbol illustrated the determination and perseverance to build life, liberty and freedom for all. 






Lexie Robins 8th:

Throughout time, cultures create art to express beliefs and communicate ideas. Time travel provides a chance to learn from all cultures including artist from China, Egypt, Central America, India, America and Australia. Artifacts offer a possibility to study tand learn how other cultures lived...yet time travel lets me learn firsthand!





Melissa Keola 7th

 I would travel in time to observe mankind’s artwork during the Stone Age and to understand the true meaning of human expression.  To learn more about cultures who lived before recorded history, would give mankind an understanding of how simple humans would have lived without modern technology.




Kristin Brewer 7th

I would travel in time to visit my great Grandmother. She was always near when I needed her, even through her cancer battles. She is gone now but I know she is with me. Time traveling would allow me to visit her….even play with her as a kid!





Jennifer Le 7th

I would travel in time to visit Ancient Greece. The Greeks are known for thier mythology, but they were also expert sailors, architects and scholers too. They conquered others and although their empire has faded, they still remain as an influence to us even today.








Miranda Smith, 6th grade:

If I could travel in time, I’d visit the birth of Jesus. A baby born 2000 years ago has had such an impact on my life. Then with time travel I could visit him on his birthday and witness how he helped others.





Tripp Massengill, 6th grade:

I would travel in time to visit Ancient Greece and Roman times to experience the birth of democracy. I would take notes and interview democratic leaders in action then return to the present to teach leaders how to make a democracy work for everyone.





Arianna Long 5th (Mr. Cochran's classroom):

I would travel as fast as possible so every child could experience the joy of candy. Imagine giving a child to first experience of sweet candy, something I love! It would be amazing to spread happiness and joy to every child in the world.











Cassie Robins 5th (Mrs. Rios's classroom):

If I could travel in time I would stay in the same spot with my family. They are loving, caring and help me with any problems. Love last only one lifetime. Love lets you know you're already in the right place.




Tyler Eisenmenger 5th (Mrs. Rios's classroom):

The reason I would travel through time is to get as people in need as fast as possible. Whether it is a need for healthcare, shelter, medicine, food or clean water, time travel gives everyone the chance to live a healthy life.





LeilaJo Hartley 5th (Mrs. Rios's classroom):

My drawing illustrates how the “Google GO Machine” can travel through time to transport my classmates and me to any time in history. Studying social studies in school would be so fun when the Google Go Machine arrives in my class and transports us where ever we wanted to go!






Cristina Moore 4th (Mrs. Arnold's classroom):

I would travel back in time to September 11, 2001 before the attacks and stop all the planes from crashing making everyone safe. I would stop the war and bring peace and happiness.




Brooke Tidwell 4th (Mrs. Arnold's classroom):

If I could travel in time, I would visit 3012 and hope to explore new ways to travel. Then I could learn how the future engineers build better vehicles that would be healthier for humans and our earth.


Emily Sorrow 4th (Mrs. Arnold's classroom):

If I could travel in time, I would visit Disney World in 1971. I would like to meet Mr. Walt Disney and explain to him how many kids his ideas and art have made happy.  


Summer Tran, 4th grade (Mrs. Held's Classroom):

When I travel in time I would visit the beginning of land being made by volcanoes. I would study the rise of land from the water that made pretty flowers and trees. I would like to visit ancient Hawaii and how volcanoes created beautiful islands.








Jacob Allen 4th (Mrs. Held's classroom):

Visiting ancient China would give me a chance to see the beginnings of the Great Wall of China and how it protected a great nation. I would enjoy meeting the Chinese ancient inventors and learn how they created gunpowder, matches, printing and even toilet paper!



Adam Clark 4th (Mrs. Held's classroom):

I would travel in time to play baseball with past historical players. My dream is to hit against Nolan Ryan and pitch to Baby Ruth….oh yeah; the famous players would be my age!








Asa Miller 4th (Mrs. Held's classroom):

I would travel in time to visit Central America’s Aztec Indians and try to change their view on religion. I would want to teach them not to sacrifice others for a God.










Nathan Massengill 3rd (Mrs. King's classroom):

I would travel in time to learn about America’s history from all the men who signed the Declaration of Independence. I would learn about ideas they had then and tell them how America is still independent and free.




James Smith 2nd(Mrs. Martin's classroom)

I would visit the beginning of earth and learn about different insects. I would study friendly ants to learn how they work together to make the world a better place to live. It’s important to have ants forever.






Liam Moore 2nd (Mrs. Gillette's classroom):

I would visit the ocean before it was polluted to swim with all the underwater animals. I could discover the extinct ocean animals and hope there is more animals to learn about from the past.










5th grade art students created tessellations.

In math, Mrs. Rios's 5th math classes studied the art of creating tessellations.

Can you gues what they are?















Congratulations to the following winners:

4th grade

1st: Brooklyn Smith, 2nd Jacob Allen, 3rd Kaylin Lovelady, 4th Brooke Tidwell


1st: Cassie Robins, 2nd Leila Jo Hartley, 3rd Erica Chacon, 4th Maycee Henry






STATE your PLATE art contest! 


The following students participated in the 2012 Tennessee auto license plate.

The students selected to represent DCS were chosen by an outside committee. Each student worked numerous hours with Mrs. Swiney after school. We will keep you up to date.



Miranda Smith: 6th grade








Cassie Robins: 5th grade







Lexie Robins: 8th grade




And yes, they created the artwork!





Never say you can't paint unless you have a brush....try these...




Learn more about art from...

Smithsonian Art Museum...









Check out more Doodle 4 Google artist below.

The assembly was at DCS on Wednesday, May 4th at 1:00. GOOGLE presented

 two students the Google awards.

We have one regional and two state winners!


The following students have been selected to participate in a national competition for 2011 Google.

Each year, I register my school and selected students work to submit to Google.

Students were ask to create art based on a sentence and incorporate the logo along with the "paragraph" idea together.

We have two state winners and a regional winner.

Hope you enjoy the great creative visual art and written words.

All the work was WONDERFUL.

2011 Google Art Contest 




Paige Jordan    8th   

What I would like to do someday is to help third world countries by building safe homes and clean water wells so kids can live healthier lives. I would encourage others that have what they need to donate food and supplies to help the needed.  So I ask you to take time to help others in need.


Winners receive a chance of:




Cristine Moore: 3rd

 What I would like to do someday is encourage others to stop and think about how much damage we all are doing to our earth. This fragile world is filled with enough litter. Just imagine how great the earth would be if everyone recycled. GO green Earth!



Megan Millard 8th

What I would like to do someday is change the world with my written and spoken words. Words can be powerful. The freedom to speak should be a basic right everyone of all cultures should have. If we listen to each other, we can all build a stronger future.

(I am in hopes if my logo was selected that each time you click on a Foreign language

it would say "freedom" in that native language.)


Jennifer Le 6th

What I would like to do someday to be a novelist. With the money from the books I sell, I could go to college and donate some to charities. I plan to finiah and hopefully publish my first book soon! That way, I could show everyone you don't have to wait to create works of art. 


Aidin Jorgensen:  4th grade 

What I would like to do someday is create, play and share creative educational video games with other kids from around the world. Then we could learn to create new educational video ideas together. We would be playing to learn about each other.


 Alex Galvez:  4th  

 What I would like to do someday is to be a English is second language (ESL) teacher.

Then I could help students who are not able to speak English very well.


Antonio Moreno:  6th  

What I would like to do someday is to help teach people to grow food in their backyards. It’s the quickest way to get great nutrition and not have to go to the store. Like they say, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.


Cassie Robins: 4th

What I would like to do someday is to help save earth’s nature from pollution and to keep all the land from deforestation.  Without trees and plants people wouldn’t have any air to breath. So everyone has to listen to nature when she tells us she is in danger….because we are in danger too.





Matthew Moore 8th

What I would like to do someday is create works of art. I want to become an artist because that is what I enjoy.

I take time to create works of art and think about what I want to create. With just a pencil in my hand I can imagine anything.





Emily Waddell:  6th  

What I would like to do someday is to study to become a forensic scientist. I would have to be cunning and brave to solve mysteries.

My job would be to help solve a crime and though it might be dangerous at times, I could handle it!


Hailey Galvan  7th

What I would like to do someday is go to the bottom of the ocean and study sea life.

There I could explore creatures in the deep blue sea. I might even discover creatures not yet discovered.

Jacob Allen:  3rd  

What I would like to do someday is to become a weather man. It can be a dangerous job reporting from different places around the world.

The weather can affect our homes, businesses and families. Bad weather can harm people if they don’t know what is coming.

Good weather can make our day great!





Jordan Wilkerson:  5th   

What I would like to do someday is to help everyone find a job that needs a job.

Office buildings have people working inside of them and the more jobs the better chance they have of taking care of their family.



Kira  Davis  3rd 

What I would like to do someday is for children that cannot see very well, a free pair of glasses. Then every kid could get a new pair no matter how much they cost. My cartoon, Misty, reminds us to help others see their futures by giving them new glasses.




Lexie Robins:    7th 

What I would like to do someday is use my imagination to create a “character” cartoon. My cartoons would be used to influence kids on choices they make and whether they choose the right road or the wrong path. So remember, choosing a road in life will affect your future.



Makaila Boyd:  6th   What I would like to do someday is become a teacher.

I would love to inspire others to believe in themselves and do anything they set their mind to.



Marina Galvez   2nd        

What I would like to do someday is to tell everyone to love each other. People should hold hands with their neighbors and be happy.

If there was more love in our life, there would be more world peace. Now let’s all love one another!


Megan Valentine:  4th  

What I would like to do someday is to become a professional ocean diver and help to save marine animals from harm.

I would protect them from others hunting them to extinction.   




Miranda Clark:  6th

What I would like to do someday is to help protect honey bees. You might think they are bad because they can sting. But they play a vital role in producing perfectly shaped delicious fruits and vegetables. Without bees people would not be able to survive on earth!



Miranda Smith:  6th 

What I would like to do someday is to educate the world to fight for the endangered, at risk, and threatened owls.  Everyone needs to understand about their habitat, food needs and how they take care of our environment. So remember our friend "the wise old owl".




Phillip Rogers: 3rd    

What I would like to do someday is inspire kids to play all type of sports. I like playing outside and having fun. My favorite indoor sport is bowling. I wish every kid in the world could have some type of ball to play with so they could have a “ball” playing.


Brooklyn Smith:  3rd  

What I would like to do someday is to write and play music. Music is a way of reaching out to people of all ages and nationalities. It makes people feel good to hear the magical beat and rhythm of music. Music speaks more than words.

Sarah Piatt:  6th  

What I would like to do someday is to shape our world into a perfect cleansed world. This way the Holy Spirit is will help us walk on the right path. There would be no evil sin, just a perfect peaceful life for all.


Savannah Harren  

What I would like to do someday is fly up in the sky and jump from an airplane. It would feel like I can jump from cloud to cloud.


Sydney Bowers: 6th 

What I would like to do someday is to explore uncharted space and hopefully find a new planet or universe…maybe even a new life form! Then I could make new friends and maybe even play basketball on a new moon!


Thomas Matherly:  5th  

What I would like to do someday is to someday design video games. My doodle is about a “Google” game for Mario video games.



Tripp Massengill:    5th

What I would like to do someday is to provide homes for every child in the world. Then everyone would live in a community where they could take care of each other. This way everyone would become a family that is sheltered and safe.


Tyler Eisenmenger: 4th   

What I would like to do someday is learn and teach others about the different seasons. They earth’s seasons are amazing because of the changes made all year long. The seasons are a gift that shapes our daily lives.

Vincent Larkins:  7th  

What I would like to do someday is to race cars and someday maybe a Google car! I would give some of my winnings to charity. Hopefully one that would help other people with transportation needs.




Sherita Tallent: 8th

an is show everyone how beautiful snakes are and how they are apart of our environment. I love snakes and they are very inspiring to me.


ART Students at DCS have been selected to display works of art at the


in Chattanooga, TN

Thirty works of art from DCS art students are on display through the month of April at the Hunter Museum of Art. Those students are:

Rose Morgan: 1st grade

Marina Galvez 2nd 

Christine Moore: 3rd

Emily Sorrow 

Austin Congioloso

Jacob Allen

Aiden Jorganson

Phillip Rogers

Kira Davis


Cassie Robins: 4th

Tyler Eisenmenger


Diva Tran: 5th 

Thomas Matherly 

Miranda Smith 

Jordan Wilkerson 

Tripp Massingill 



Hailey Gaven: 6th

Baylee Smith 

Miranda Clark  


Kelsey McMillion

Drew Corder

Aaron William

Lexie Robins

Bayle McSpadden

Becca Heard

Madison Rader

Aaron Williams

Emilee Hunt


Megan Millard: 8th

Paige Jordan

Emily Davis

Perched on an 80-foot bluff on the edge of the Tennessee River, the Hunter Museum of American Art offers stunning views of the river and the surrounding mountains. This panorama is equaled only by the exceptional collection of American art inside recognized as one of the country's finest.

Once inside, the inspiration continues, because it's not just about the art; it's all about you, the visitor. The Hunter is for the entire family to enjoy. Together, you will see art with new eyes as a way to better understand American history and to learn more about what makes us Americans today.

If you would like to visit the Hunter check out the website or take a trip with your family.








If you have any suggestions or wish to send me art ideas please feel free to contact me at



And thank you to all parents for supporting the ARTS!


Mrs. Swiney







The work of an artist, and an education reformer,

is to look at things in different ways,

experiment with various approaches and change patterns.




Creative thinking may simply mean the realization that there is

no particular virtue in doing things the way they have always been done.



 Pablo Picasso once said,

 " Some painters fransform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun."











Last Year.... 



WE WON the 2010 Tennessee

7th-9th grade division!


The follow are the six that outside judges selected to be sent to the

Google main headquarters to select state winners first.

We should hear back if they won the state division at the end of April............

And WE WON....

watch out Google we'll be back next year.

Below is their own words....I think you will be amazed.



Google's sentence was....."If I could do anything I would..."





Paige Jordan

seventh grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would...

"travel to distant worlds and faraway galaxies.

Without shuttles or space suits and have total freedom to explore.

Just like Google exists in a boundless world of the Internet,

I too could travel the boundless universal worlds!

(Paige drew the design in her sketchbook of ideas for Google. I saw it and asked her how she came about that particular idea. She had been studying about space and thought she might like to read more about it. We then looked on NASA's website. She looked at galexies, nubulae and stars. She selected ones that reminded her of the letters in Google and drew them in pastels.)








Megan Millard

seventh grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would...

" inspire others to be better people by my own actions and beliefs.

We, the teenagers, may only be a ripple in the water at first,

but soon our true reflections can flood the world with positive people.

(by the way...the outline of people she drew were some of her friends.

She took photos of them and drew from the photos.

This is Megan's second try at the Doodle 4 Google competition.

Last year she created artwork about Education.

Can't wait to see what she comes up with next year!)



If you would like to view their work's of art select the following site:






You can email me at swineyne@daytoncity.net





Other DCS local school winners





Cassie's Robins in third grade.

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."make my dragons come to life.

Then we could fly by riding on them to save on oil and get to school on time.

They could help the army in the war and make our world a better place to live.





Alexandra Robins in sixth grade.

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."have my drawing bring endangered and protected animals back to life,

so we wouldn't see them die forever.

Once I add color to the drawing, it comes to life for everyone to love and enjoy.

I want a chance to create my own drawn animal to love and care for!




Jacob Barley in first grade

His paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..." travel around the world. I would see different places.

I would travel in a car, hot air balloon, boat, rocket and train!





Gabi Moore in fifth grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."protect animal wildlife. All animals are important.

Unfortunately, they are not all surviving.

We must be aware of how our actions affect nature.

Poaching and destroying habitats are examples of animal deaths.

It's our responsibility to care for what we've been entrusted with.




These are the other participants that created other great works of art. I think you will be amazed at the work that was created. Also I think you will see how hard it was to select only six to send to Google. I am very proud of all the students.






Alexa Hickman in Eighth grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."

 promote recycling to everyone in the world. Nature has a way of running its own cycle. Most people have changed its cycle by polluting and damaging Earth. Recycling is the best way to bring our planet back. It could someday save nature.






Molly Sherman in Fourth grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..." erase pollution. I just want to give the world a fresh start. I want to encourage people to stop damaging the earth. I just want to breath some fresh, new and clean air. And that is why I want to erase pollution.





Kelli Schiel in fifth grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..." create world peace and happiness. One way to create peace and happiness is to stop bulling. Another way is stop all the wars. If we stop them both, then maybe we could have more friends. So make more peace and happiness.




Jennifer Le in fifth grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."have the people of the world express their feelings through art. One way is to shape a dull, boring, coloress lump of clay into an exciting work of art by adding color, texture, air and time. Suddenly, you have a completely different work of art.





Miranda Smith in Fourth grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."

create a character for Sesame Street named Ray-jay who would inspire us to stay active, because if we keep moving it will help our bodies to stay healthy. Being part of a team helps teach us sportsmanship. So hip hip hooray for Ray-jay!!!





Myah Arnold in Fifth grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."

wish for all children to actively play. Kids who are my age should be outside having fun instead of inside playing video games so they will be more physically fit and healthy. I wish all children had access to equipment for outside use.







Tyler Price in Fifth grade

His paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."

make a rule for every child to have at least one hour everyday to PLAY!

I think this is important for exercise and enjoyment. I love to play outside and think all children should get to have that much fun!





Karah Powell in Fifth grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."

help animals. I've always been fascinated by animals. It hurts me though to hear them being hunted by human beings. That's why I make "Helping Animals" to persuade kids of our generation to help the animals that are being hunted.





Audrey Yawn in Fifth grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."

draw a design that I had a passion for and in this picture I'm sharing mine.

Almost everyone would like to imagine that monsters are real so I answered that questions with,

"Hey, I could bring Greek mythology to life!". They could all be happy.





Stephen Beaty in Fifth grade

His paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."

choose to illustrate animals because they are a great part of our ecosystem and our economy.

Animals are our pets, provide food and provide medicine. They also help control the ecosystem.

We can't afford to lose them so I'm asking you to help me do something about this problem.





Madisyn Barley in Fifth grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."

 encourage people not to pollute or litter. We could probably save tons of wildlife and fish.

The air would be cleaner too.

Just imagine how nicer the Earth would be if we stopped polluting!




Sarah Piatt in Fifth grade

Her paragraph reads:

If I could do anything I would..."

teach horses how to do different tricks. I have been amazed with what horses can do. A while ago I went to a Lipizzaner show.

They did all sorts of tricks lie the capriole. Lipizzaners are like four footed ballet dancers. They are amazing.




Faith Rivera in Fifth grade       MaKenzie Lingerfelt in First grade




Thoughts on the Art of Teaching


Mrs. Swiney



A teacher is a very special person

who uses her creativity and loving,

inquiring mind to develop the rare talent of encouraging others to


to dream

to learn

to try

and to DO!!!!!!!!!!!!






4 simple activites that teach kids how to get along.

1. stop bugging me

Gather some store bought pom-poms or (make your own with yarn) glue on some googly eyes, then place the woolly "bugs" in a jar for easy access. When your child feels she is being annoyed, have her fetch a bug and hand it to her antagonist. The silliness along often diffuses the situation, but you may want to establish bug giving rules and consequences. Also add butterfly wings to some bugs and give them out when someone has been helpful.

2. Through the hoop

Players hold hands in a circle and try to wriggle a hula hoop around the human ring without breaking the chain. (and you thought slinging one around your hips was tough!) You just can't do this alone, and that's the whole point. You have to work together to get the hoop past your various legs, heads and bodies.


3. grab some joy

Happiness can't be purchased. Have your family think of 25 things that you all love to do: get take-out food, have a family movie night (at home) play a board game like Monopoly. Write each of these on an index card or paper then place the cards in a special Joy Jar. When you are in need of a mood-boosting treat, reach into the jar. Bonus: simply making these cards can evoke happiness!

4. I'm really listening

This game is played like a regular scavenger hunt, but instead of being handed a written list of objects to find, the kids must listen as the list is recited to them. JUST RECITE ONCE> Start with a list of three or four household items, such as a sheet of paper, a fork, and a sock. If you want to play outdoors, use natural objects such as leaf or rock (etc). In the next round increase the difficulty by adding more objects to the list.