Emails to PolitiFact Texas, Daniel Rodriguez, Seguin, Texas

535 pm

May 30, 2012


this is my claim, please investigate it. i think many readers of the AAS would find it intriguing! :

"No city of comparable size (or smaller) has as many congressional representatives as does Austin, due to the Republican-made 2012 districts for the city. Austin now has 4 (or 5 depending on the count!) members of the US Congress for whom Austin is partially represented by them."

Democrats like me are outraged at this travesty, of course.  It is very un-American and not in keeping with the democratic spirit of true representation. Austin no longer has one solid voice in the US Congress. Outrageous. The repugs divvied up the vote.

242 pm

July 9, 2012

the National Journal link shows an example of the total destruction of the unified voice many cities used to have.

Austin now has 4 House members. here are the crunched numbers based on 2010 data and new maps for 2012 thru 2020:

indianapolis, pop 800,000 approx: 2 members

austin,  pop 800,000 approx : 4 members

san francisco, pop 800,000 : 2 members

columbus, oh, pop 800,000 : 2 members

baltimore: pop 700,000 approx: 2 members

detroit&suburb inside city limits: pop 680,000: 1 member

las vegas, henderson, and north las vegas, pop 1.8 million. approx: 3 members.

clearly, austin has 2 too many members.

Daniel R.